Gibraltar & Brexit ?


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I suspect willie waving in an attempt to intimidate the UK, nothing more, I really can't see how there is any real possibility of them enforcing it
Horns of a dilemma - wanted to remain in the EU but wish to remain subjects of the crown. Another plebiscite or trust to the Gibraltarian political establishment.
In other words they want their cake.
Travelling in and out of Gib you are subject to duties as if you were travelling from a non eu country.
Just the EU making sure that its not just the UK making things difficult. They were getting rattled by May's "no deal is better than a bad deal".

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It is obvious that the EU are negotiating in bad faith...this and the requirement for an open border with the Irish Republic...for the peace has having an open border to with the peace process one might ask...clearly show they wish to sabotage any deal.

**** them...we should go it alone and pull out of Nato...these people are not our friends or allies.
EU meddling in matters of sovereignty - one of the main reasons why people want out.

It's good - it's plain to see what they really are - it reinforces the Leave camp's reasons in full plain view.
Spain: now let's talk about Gibraltar

UK : No

Repeat until they get bored asking.
They've been asking for the last 304 years, and I don't see them getting bored yet.
Pot kettle and black come to mind. They have Ceuta and parts of the country wanting independence, so they have the same issues as us. Just attack back and say you give up your overseas areas and have an independence vote. When I was in Gib the locals thought themselves Gibraltarian first.

BTW is the "Welcome to Llandod" graffati still on the Devils tower training area?
The instructive thing is to read what the EU has said. "We will support Spain's stance in all regards to Gibraltar now".

The EU won't do the right thing as stipulated by the UN and all Western governments - adhere to self-determination.

Any remainers should read into that the reason high brow Outers voted so. That and the 23 years the EU commisson accounts have been unadudited which would result in prison sentences for any company.
It is obvious that the EU are negotiating in bad faith.
It does make you wonder how stupid they are carrying on like this. Anyone interested in politics anywhere in the world is watching and these people act like this. All we have to do is not sink to their level and for our leaders to act like statesmen and we will come out of this looking good.

Hopefully it will make a lot of people realise why we want to stop being in any club that will have the likes of them as members.

A man does very very good business when he rids himself of 27 turds.
At the end of the day I`d have thought it was down to the Gibraltarians?
Good Lord, no.
Asking people what they want and allowing them a say in it ? It's been done already and look what happened !

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