Gibraltar Barracks

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by twothreeuptwothreedown, Jan 17, 2013.

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  1. Has anybody been into Gibraltar Barracks recently.

    I did, today for the first time in many years.

    The Guardroom is manned by Four women aged between 25 & 55.

    What a bunch of Harridans!

    I have never seen a bunch of jobsworth, unhelpful people for a long time.

    They were that engrossed with having a girly conversation about broomsticks, that my presence wasn't even noticed for a minute!

    Good job that I'm not their employer, because they'd be out on their fat arses!
  2. Saw the same sort of scene at Arborfield recently.
  3. Did you shag any of them ?

  4. Urrrrgh!

    Mate, these women were Ugly!

    Anybody that shagged them, could be accused of being too lazy to have a wank!
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  5. Methinks you are confusing the Guardroom (which is manned by soldiers) with the Holdfast Reception Centre which is largely populated by the women (who may or may not be harridans) of which you speak.
  6. I think you may be correct Ethel.

    it's the first building as you come in, with a No Parking sign by the entrance.

    Why the fuck have you got a guardroom with soldiers & a reception center doing the same job?

    Fucking jobs for the girls.....Sack the lazy fat cows!
  7. Maybe they are there to do the cooking and cleaning for the guard, or maybe we have gone the way of the Germans and have a field brothel.
  8. NAAFI.

    Thread about women.

    Where's the photos you lying bollox?
  9. I take it you are not of the Glorious Corps then.
  10. I took some photos, but their ugly mugs cracked the camera lens!

    & how dare you call me a lying bollox..........
  11. No....I'm a traffic warden!

    What the fuck has being in the Glorious Corps got to do with it.............Oh oh!
    Do you think that these women may have been married to someone from the Glorious Corps?.......

    Sod that! the Poor blokes!
  12. No, they would be the Guards fluffers.
  13. The guards were old enough to be their sons!

  14. The Corps doesn't discriminate on grounds of age.

    Many a good tune played on an old pick helve.

  15. That's why their wives used to come to Montgomery Lines Holiday Camp, when their hubbies were on exercise/tour/courses/ insert own reason.

    The Dorty Scutters!