Gibraltar Barracks, CAMBERLEY

Hello all Sappers,
Can i just say what a fckin good time i am having here at Gib Barracks being a red coat!! Stress free, fckin loads of time off. Since joining i have been to ............ hawley lake, minley farm, trig point and the SSM's office! I challenge anyone that can come up with a better holiday than me. I have cancelled all fcking leave and plan to visit the WRVS whilst everyone is away having fun. Don't worry i can look after myself.
I spent a season there back in the early nineties, doesn’t sound lie much has changed.
New model Army, wot neu modol armie
:D Can i come in and wash my cheesy stump then? :D Opens up yet another BIG can of worms on the Equal OP front i think!!
i don't think training is training anymore??????? what are we supposed to be demonstrating??? that there will always be the opportunity to come back to the safe and warm to change your panty liners????? i think not!!!!
FritzTheCat said:
Wot a thoroughly boring thread. Are you blokes all brain dead?
Does that include yourself, as you also appear to have contributed?
Mmmm..looks like it's gone very quiet in here....anyway..Gib Bks...grrr...i absolutely hated the place when i did my time there....went back there the other week and couldn't believe how quiet and sedate the place is.....i still had that awful feeling going into the place...that feeling of dread! :(
The area near the cookhouse has been taken up by bordered flower beds...which use to be the area not to be caught in after skoff, by the nco's....waiting for recruits like vultures for the prey...hahaha...thank god for tanks!!!! :wink: 8)
i have to agree with avre105 on that one,in the early 90`s when i went through doing basic training it was the scariest place this side of the nagasaki scorchmark and the training nco`s seemed like gods, its only when you finally get to your unit you find out they send all the plebs there
Ragged Sapper said:
its only when you finally get to your unit you find out they send all the plebs there
Thats why you wedgeheads train there then :D
Yep,it certainly is...and they are still there 8O popped back to old Dennis Kaserne last year to see what it was like.Quite a lot of the buildings are still there(as mentioned earlier)And the main drag is still a drag walking it!!hahaha :lol:
8O Never mind the fear of the NCO's what about the fcucker who served up the scran in the cookhouse? She was as fat as a Sumo with a better 'tash than all the Instructors put together!!! Last I heard the pot was over 300.00 pounds to smash her but not even a Shackelton or Scott exped would probaly find it, (less rolling in 3 cwt of flour and aiming for the wet area). I sit remeniscing the sweat beading down the bicep folds of skin into the beans, ooh yes, jumpers for goalposts, quite remarkable really!!! Anyone actually more scarier than her please put in a post!!!!!

And YES I am the One... :wink:
I had the most stressful day of my life there.It should be burnt to the ground and the earth ploughed with salt!


I was a JL and went to Gib 1988 and boy what a fun time i had there, fondest memories were the log runs saturday morning for no other reason than because we were ex JL's and needed to be taught a lesson!
To this day i still get a dreaded feeling going back there and im a senior now.
firestarter said:
I had the most stressful day of my life there.It should be burnt to the ground and the earth ploughed with salt!
Tell us then!! :roll:
I do recall the Apprentices getting a right fcuking shoeing too. I remeber one time when a ****** of a training NCO (9 Sqn bloke) thrashed a new intake as they got off the buses and cars. This young sprog tipped up with his girlfriend and what looked like his parents, the NCO just bawled him out right in front of them and thrashed him even more!!!!! He was a quality *****r though he used to get the billy's to wash is precious XR3i the toss*r. Then again who cannot remember those early morning quadrangle sessions in a stress position or the almighty Dan Franseco PTI and his famous kneeling gun drill, used to humiliate people for fun that bloke, should have been shot. Also remeber another weed PTI who was a Spr and used to thrash you the pric*, still he's only just a Sgt now after all these years!!!!!Finally does "wall" and "piano" ring any bells?? :roll:
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