Gib referendum...........undemocratic?


Apparently the idea of the Gibraltarians having a referendum to decide their own future short circuits democracy..........What tw4t said that you may be asking yourself........The Foreign Office.  :mad: :mad: :mad:

How stupid can one group of people be, a referendum, consulting all people within voting age, within the region that the vote is relevant too is in its definition the purest form of democracy available BUT because it goes against the wishes of the British Government the Gibraltarians are told "it would short-circuit democracy." :mad: :mad: :mad:

I have just returned from Gib, the sun is hot, drinks are cheap and the seafood is full of mercury but besides all these points the Gibraltarians do not have addled brains, they are not stupid people, they clearly know the definition of democracy better than the foreign office, why? Because it’s the only weapon they have left and they are trying to use it to their best advantage.

This Governments behaviour is Fu**ing outrageous! We the British people are able to hold are heads high as defenders of democracy and freedom but for how long. Stop this sell out now before its too late, its a bit late for "I told you so's" when the Spanish have Gibraltar and relations between our countries still have not improved. :( :( :(

Sorry to spoil your Euro dream Tony, appeasing the Spanish will get us no further into Europe, as long as the channel exists we will always be outsiders and I for one wish it to remain that way!!

IDS get a grip, we need some opposition
I'm still trying to get my head round that one too.

There is another point though, apart from having the referendum after the decision having been made being a totally potty idea. Everyone knows that whether the referendum is done now or after, the result is going to be the same except, that if it's done now you will be saving a lot of peoples time and money from being wasted.

The other way that President Tony can swing the result the way he obviously wants it to go is to include the Spanish population in the pole.

Once he's done that he can do the same in the South Atlantic and hand over the Falklands and hand over NI to Eire, make parliment a single party system and abolish the Queen. Well he's a Dic, why not be a dictator too?

Then he'll just have time to say "Isn't politics fun!" before disapearing up his own ARRSE in a flash of self adulation. (Only joking about that bit but the rest could be on the cards!)


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Referendum?  Can't be having with those!  What would happen if they caught on, and we had them over here?  Wouldn't the Public vote for the re-introduction of hanging, castration (or worse) for paedophiles, and other things that the liberals (in the broadest sense) who run the Country could never allow?  After all, people should be told what's good for them, shouldn't they?...
I can understand that the UK government won't recognise it as they didn'torganise it, but saying it short circuits democracy is simply a desperate attempt to find something wrong with something that is prefectly legitimate. Do all those "we hate the tansport system" opinion polls short circuit democracy? No. And what is different about this? Nothing. My main concern with this is that it almost seems the government is scared of the people voicing thier opinions because they have other plans, and want it to look like anyone other than the Spanish actually like it.

That said the people of Gibraltar do have one safety net, which is huge support from the British population. Hopefully before the foreign office do anything torwards handing over Gibraltar public opinion will stop them.


When did democracy ever matter to our beloved leader?  All he wants is to be first President of the United States of Europe so he can be like his buddy George Dubya!

But seriously, we must do all we can to support Gib, go to their Govt website and send a message of support - the messages are counted and help the fight because they come from the UK rather than Gib itself.  Consider a holiday there and support the economy.  

Spain already has most of what used to be our fishing rights in what used to be British waters - let them have no more!  Boycott Spanish products - the boycott on French wine has already caused the French to turn tens of thousands of gallons of wine into vinegar in order to get some money for it.  Not going on holiday there would also hurt their economy.

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