Discussion in 'Sappers' started by 13_EA_72, Mar 23, 2006.

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  1. In Gib there was always the rivalery between the two squadrons I'd just like to know your opinions!
  2. S'got to be 55, Mons Alpha!
  3. think i was in 57 but it was nearly 20 year ago now & the memory is starting to fade. :lol: :lol:

    which one had the "mud muppets & drivers" in, apart from the obvious answer of the thicker one :oops: :oops:

  4. "MONS ALPHA"?!?!????
    You're obviously a sprogglett then mate? LOL
    Whatever happened to good old Tp names? 5 Tp etc...
  5. Ahh you mean like The State Express 5 Troop 55 Sqn.
  6. As far as I remember Mons Alpha was 57, well in 97 it was. I was with Mons Bravo in 97. Horrible place to be, never enjoyed a moment. Guys came back from MCTC saying MCTC was easier than what we had!! 55 was supposed to be the easier sqn in Gib, not that B3 was easy in any way.
  7. Well, I did go through in 98, so maybe I was 57 - I was def. Mons Alpha though, with Cpl K***** as my training Cpl.
  8. 3 tp 57 a long time ago with a cpl big nose as the trg fullscrew everyone hated and still do no doubt he'll be my next qm with the luck i carry
  9. one of my trg full screws is now a major, still if it makes him happy i suppose CNUT :roll: :roll:
  10. I was 3 troop 57 in 1987.

    We had a concrete buddah called sumo as troop mascot, weighed a b@starding ton, and whoever was d1ck of the day had to carry him, and run around the squad wherever we went.

    spent more time in the quadrangle with my legs "6 inches raised" than i care to remember, and paraded opposite a B1 course every morning who were only too happy to point out anything our DS had missed (which wasnt much)... the odd bit of "physical persuasion" wasnt unheard of but everyone passed that course feeling like theyd earnt it and not just attended it

    Gib barracks was f ucking hard graft, especially as ex JL's or AT's as we'd apparently had an "easy ride" (luckily my troop sergeant at Dover was a complete and utter cnut for the whole year so it wasnt as much as a shocker for us)... did i just say luckily??

    time is a great healer
  11. shortfuse wrote

    we also had that bad boy & "billy the buffer" off the back of a mgb trailer, one poor cnut had both at the same time & still was expected to double down to the hard with the rest of us.

    "summo" had a beret & cap badge painted onto it when i was there.
  12. I'll never forget "Piano GO!!" what a pissy phrase that stupid patch of piano shapped grass in between two of the blocks!!

    at one point one of the other troops were running round it and we sniggered (stupid I know) so we had to be the slowest man round or we were going again, turned into a troop pride thing.!!

    yeah we went again!
  13. Knocker ... the more we speak the more i'm sure we've crossed paths at some point old bean ...

    he had the beret when i was there, troop DS were a bloke whos nickname was "hippo" Andy H*nt, and Billy McGo***le was in the end of our lines and would let you use his washing machine for a quid a load... w@nker.

    we also got told they could get us cheap denims, loads of lads signed up for them, and when they showed up they all had P company numbers painted on the legs :D
  14. If i can remember i was in 1Tp 57 Sqn, had a quality time, seal crawls in the Quad, legs raise 6' legs apart legs close, no such thing as carpet in the block just Billy Bumper to make the floors shine followed by pulling somebody down the corridor on one of the blankets to give it that extra shine.

    J**n R***, Gi**e Gab***s, if i rack my brains i will be able to remember some more, i have bumped into them all at some point since leaving training.

    Really felt as if i had earned my place in the Corps at the end of B3 training not just handed it.

  15. shortfuse wrote

    had two of them as well as "dicky b~~~~n ,g~~~ge co~~~ck & eddie "the blackman" seal as the admin lance jack before he toasted himself :(

    ring any more bells fella :?: :?: