Gib Barracks

I'm off to do my phase2 at gib in 8days, can anyone tell me what the actual living arrangements are like? the rooms etc?

I know its 4man room but are we in sections of 8 or something also?

And i heard that we have somewhere in the blocks to watch TV? is this true... on our phase2 visit we never got to see the rooms.

yeah your troop lines have two corridors and two ablutions arranged in a square, in the centre is a courtyard where bad things happen. You get 4 man rooms and there's usually about 12 bods per section. There was no TV room in the lines when I went through.A very beautiful woman serves scoff in the cookhouse.

No idea why you've bothered asking about this, in 8 days you'll find out yourself.
Funny that, there was when I went through 1 Regt in 1983....never got to watch the fecker though!
A very beautiful woman serves scoff in the cookhouse.
If that is the blonde I am thinking of, I met her husband a few years ago. Conversation started along the lines of the mutton dressed as lamb at Gib, and the reply of "oh my missues works in the cookhouse there".

If it is the same woman, she now works in a call centre "somewhere".
The soup dragon reportedly passed away some time ago...

I think most of us who went through Gib in the 80's/early 90's probably still have nightmares about 'her/it'!

Piano? sounds like that shapely piece of grass known simply as 'the runaround'?

Gib, the Nostalgia!
Well you came on here asking a daft question. Your main concern seems to be whether or not you are going to miss a TV programme or something. You'll find out in a week anyway.

If you get worried by not having all the information you could possibly need before you start a new location/task then you are going to have an interesting time when you face day-to-day life in the Army.
"get in the quadrangle you ******* shower of shite, on my command bumpers above the head, go"
"get in the quadrangle you ******* shower of shite, on my command bumpers above the head, go"
'Think it's funny do you! Get your arse down here and join them!!!'

Crawled past the windows from then on.
I wonder if anyone ever cleared out the attic space in those old blocks. I remember that every single room on the top floor with an attic hatch used to use it for storing all their buckshee,spare,purloined and dodgy gear.....somewhere up there is is quite possibly several dozen sets of '58 pattern and bulled plimsoles.
Legs 6 inches ...raise......and lower...... and raise ..... and lower ....and (GROAN) (AAARGH)....and close.... (eyeballs pop)...etc. you get the picture.

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