Gib Barracks on 21st

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by humphries, Jan 15, 2007.

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  1. i start at gib on sunday, i was just wondering if there are any items i should take that'll come in handy?
    also i'm taking my car, so what do i need when i turn up with it, do they sort everything out at the gate?
  2. take a spare beret - some git stole mine from the room when i was on a course there ... serves me right for haviong a different capbadge i suppose.

    good luck
  3. Welcome to the Corp. Hurrah.

    Nightrained might be the best person to speak to, seeing he's the pet sprog at the moment. He should be on here later on, just before he goes for a run :twisted:

    However, if you are taking a car, make sure you have all your documentation with you. You're lucky that they can't make you push it into camp these days. :thumright:
  4. When packing MFO box, if not already done so, DONT pack all 1157, it could be a few days until you get it. So, You'll need a few sets of civvies, also more importantly, 95 shirt, trousers, and combat Jacket and belt and berry. Pen and paper. Additionally you can buy A4 pads for you're 'best book', no worries though because you can get that at the naafi.

    You'll also need £45 (this goes for camelback, T shirt and other crap).

    When turning up, don't be late, when I worked at the gaurdroom i took pleasure in telling people re-parade later than night if they were late. If you're going to be late come a day early and PHONE THE GAURDROOM, so they can have you're accomadation doors unlocked for you via your admin corporal.

    Unless your an atizan trade, get used to the place. When you pass out, you can spend a few months if not more still at Gib waiting on trade training.

    Not forgetting the most important item of ALL.. You're spirit to learn! ;)

    Always have a few quid on you, 'Mic' will come around in his vans with all sorts or Sausages, bacon and baps, crips and sweets. Don't be left without.

    Although Gibs, alot easier now, I hear they have Daffs to shoffer people about around exercise and to and from Hawley.

    Ermm.. Don't let ANY ****** borrow money off you, you're almost certain not to give it back. I've forever chasing people. Although it mainly happened at Gib. Becuase now you're allowed out a weekends and people want money to go on the piss and what not, **** them, you can save, so why can't they.
  5. Do you mean artisan?.
    You need insurance, tax and MOT certificate.
    Just bring the same kind of stuff you did to basic training (as well as your 1157). Get loads of stationary such as A4 pads, pens etc from Woolworths, Wilkinsons etc because the NAAFI and the Jackson Club are complete rip off merchants. Good luck.
  6. A sense of humour and a bag of moral!!

    Edited to include:

    I went through Gib too long ago to offer any meaningful advice.
  7. Than when? When you went through B3?
  8. Haha yes, hey, alot can change in a year! :thumright:
  9. I very much doubt that an awful lot has changed in a year. Whatever course you go on in the Army, P Coy/AACC etc is always harder when you did it(Not you personally NT). In my day... When I went through training... blah blah blah. You've already started and you're just out of B3!!
  10. Bring a Sick Bag because when you clap your eye's on that Monster in the Cookhouse that dish's out the Scran that's the first thing that you will want to do ! :puker: (that's if she's still there,was a while ago now since i was at Gib)
  11. sense of humour is esential mate and keep on top of your best book cos there is alot to go in it and the trp cpl's will take great pleasure in using the shredder on sub standard work.
  12. Feck me!! Camelbak??? What happened to the runs in white G10 roadslappers? and DAF's to Hawley?? So they dont run you down there with that feckin little one man log that the bad boy had anymore?

    Bloody soft!! In my day...... :shakefist:
  13. She's dead mate, there's a big thread on it somewhere in the Sappers forum. I will try and find the link!!

    Here got it:
  14. I know, it's reading to many arrses talking about "their day".
  15. Shit! Never realised.

    The lads coming thru to the Field Army nowadays.. Hah! it all becomes clear.

    RIP Macs Mess Monster. The Corps clearly isnt the same without you.