Giant UFOs over channel islands:

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by frog_face, Jun 22, 2007.

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  1. Have Channel Radar reported a contact?'Mile-wide+UFO'+spotted+by+British+airline+pilot/

    Includes photo?

    Maybe this is why Blair has resigned , they've come to take him home.
  2. Ever see a meteor enter the atmosphere? My guess is a couple clipped the stratosphere at a glancing angle and broke up.
  3. mmmm working for the governments black ops team are we khyros???
  4. LOL! Naw... just a firm believer that if there is intelligent life out there, they would have our planet on their "Off limits" list. ;)
  5. "You'd better hope their's intelligent life up there, because there's bugger all done here on earth..."

    Python says it best. ;)
  6. At last!
    The gods are returning! I knew this day would come, only trouble is SLR boy will probably start posting again now they have brought him back.
  7. SLR boy?
  8. i hope they beam newton dunn up and give him an **** probing with a prize winning turnip
  9. Well, there was no man-made junk predicted to re-enter over this part of the world, so I'd go for what Khyros says - a natural bolide, or a bright noctilucent or lenticular cloud.....
    Edit - does anyone know the exact date this happened on?
  10. Complete wibble head that has sunk into the depths.
    Everything was a conspiracy, obsessed with 9/11 and anything else that could be looked at with a certain degree of caution.
    Basically, a throbber.
  11. Chinese Mars mission?

    or China Airways missing something perhaps?

    ... Maybe its that wok thing we sent up...Beagle1 ?
  12. [Spotter mode] I'm fairly sure that Lenticular clouds are pretty much exclusive to mountain waves, and therefore tend to be associated with mountain ranges. I don't recall seeing many mountain ranges near the channel islands... [/Spotter mode]

    Edit - A safety brief in the July issue of Pilot states:
  13. Noctilucent or lenticular clouds, probably.

    But they could be aliens coming to take Tony home....

    Tin hat time, methinks.

  14. Lenticulars can be generated by other clouds or by weather fronts, which may or not be visible themselves because they may be miles away. On a good day, you can see lenticulars on the satellite photographs of the North Sea, for example, even though the mountains generating the conditions are hundreds of miles away.