Giant rat caught

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by happybonzo, Apr 22, 2012.

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  1. Here's a photo of a giant rat. Is it for real? When I first saw the Yahoo byline I immediately thought of Coypu but this thing looks like a B. rat
    Why did he burn it? Why didn't he report it? Something not quite right about this story
  2. Years ago working in the Guinness brewery Dublin I saw a rat as big as my springer spaniel. That lad was well fed!
  3. Were you drinking the Guiness?
  4. I've seen some fair sized rats scrounging around the docks over the years... most people call them scousers tho'.
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  5. It came as no surprise to me that the main character rat 'hero' of the Aardman animation film 'Flushed Away' looked and sounded just like Tony Blair (with Cherie and Harriet just behind him in this picture):

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  6. Its photoshopped! If it was real they would have kept the carcass instead of burning it! Dodgy ******* looking for their 15 Mins!
  7. Not even Photoshopped. The common anglers' trick is to hold the 'big' fish at arms' length; it's nearer the camera and looks much bigger than it actually is, when scaled against the grinning idiot holding it up. The banana-sized fingers often give a clue if it's nnot done carefully.

    To quote Father Ted; "These ones are close. those ones are farrrrrrrr away."
  8. He gave it away when he said:
    "Oh by the way, there more rats here if you want to come and catch them like, when d ships come in" and in a flash of inspiration, Old Geordie finally got rid of his towns rat infestation forever and was known locally as the Pied Piper of Newcastle like.
  9. It could have been a Nutria (ladies fur coats) or it's other name Coypu.
  10. I remember paying 6d to go in a fairground tent advertising a 'Giant Water Otter', it was a six foot high kettle.