Giant bores

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by stoatman, May 5, 2009.

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  1. Just slugged my Aussie AIA M10-A1 7.62x39.

    Bearing in mind that spec on this calibre is 301 lands -310 grooves, and that I haven't put anywhere near 1000 rds through the rifle, I was susprised to measure it as 3025 lands 313 grooves (nearest 0.0005").

    I guess that explains their accuracy problems then, and adds to my suspicions that these barrels are chinese RPK-47 barrel stock (they are chromed and all...).

    Also, pushing the slug through revealed a slightly less than cylindrical bore...

    Anyone beat that for a new-ish barrel being larger than it should be?
  2. ...not a thread on Simon Cowell then?
  3. What are the new AIA's like? from what iv been told they are a overpriced let down
  4. They are not too bad - at least someone is making new Enfield rifles!

    I have one of the M10s - a sort of faux No5 jungle carbine, but in 7.62x39mm rather than .303.

    Its evidently a bit under-developed: the iron sights (which can be swapped for any of the No4 rearsights; I've put a PH4 on this rifle) are not properly set up and have poor method of adjustment. This rifle uses an AK47 magazine, but its possible to jam the mag into the wrong place, necessitating the removal of the entire trigger guard to release it - the Enfield mag well needs a blanking plate or similar to prevent this.

    On the plus side, its heavy weight and small round make it almost recoil free. Its a perfect girlie/beginner/plinking rifle, and surplus AK ammo is about half the price of any other full-bore round.

    My rifle was offered in the rifle selection on the LERA/HBSA stand during the recent NRA Open Day; it was there in case someone didn't want to suffer .303" recoil. In the event, the little M10 was in use continously throughout the whole day - so it gets the punters' rifle popularity vote...

  5. This is mine, with the .313" bore:


    I've not had the mag jamming problem you describe, although I did have to hand-fit all the extra mags I got by removing material from the underside of the mag lips so that the bolt doesn;t ride over the rounds...

    It also will not extract steel-cased laquered surplus ammo once it gets in the slightest bit warm. Wolf is OK, as is anything in brass cases, although Magtech cases have to be individually checked for correct ejection...
  6. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Looks like you may as well smooth bore it to 9mm Flobert - nothing else for it ....... :wink:
  7. Wait till the start of August - you won't recognise the thing! Serious modding ensues, including a .308" bbl with a Spam 7.62x39 chamber...
  8. Be nice if someone started making new .303's

    have heard of the AIA .308 versions however wouldnt it be nice if someone made one with a .303 style magazine, they would look so much better !

    this might just be a rumour but apparently at one stage a 20 round .303 magazine was being planned
  9. Jubbles,

    New rifles in a long obsolete calibre? Nah. Unlikely anyone would want to stump up the cash for it, it's a seriously niche market.

    .303-style magazines won't stack or feed 308 properly.

    During WW1 a few 10s of thousands of 20-rd mags for the SMLE were trialled but were deemed unsuitable.
  10. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    The US ie RCBS supply both expander balls in the die sets for 7.62 x 39 and according to the Sierra notes ammo with .307 bullets and .311 bullets has been tested in both Eauropean barrels and US made ones and no appreciable pressure differences appeared or accuracy affected either way!
    I use a CZ527 in this calibre as does Archer and the work we have done to make deer legal leads me to think that the barrel cant stabilise such a short and fat bullet at a speed fast enough for deer legal and get close to MOA. That said it will pass the 4" circle test comfortably and a few I know can do a bit better possibly 2 moa but its a combat load for short range and therefore deer should be left at 200 yards unless you have practised at tha distance!
  11. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    If I was to make a .303 practical rifle I would get a No 4 action and make the bren mag fit for a PR load.