Giant black hole machine of doom

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Vaughany, Sep 9, 2008.

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  1. I'm sure you've heard about it. Its being tested tomorrrow. Do you guys feel the risk it could kill us all is suitable or just plane stupid? Surely its not right that a neutral country should send us into oblivian.
  2. Does that mean that it's ok for a non Neutral one to do so? Sh*t, and Mr Bush still has his finger on the button!!!
  3. I don't know about doom but I'm not making any plans after tomorrow afternoon just in case.
  4. Several pages of similar thoughts here;

  5. what time is the fireworks display set for
  6. Oblivian?
    Is that another one of these newly independent countries?
    I thought they were all called something -stan.
    Have they started a new craze then? Something -ian instead?
  7. The Swiss don't own the thing, infact a large part of it goes under France, it's the biggest machine ever built, we all own it though, EU,Japan, the US....we didn't let the Chinese in though :wink:
  8. OK - Oblivistan - if it makes you happy...

    Less than an hour to go, unless they do send us in to which case more than an hour to go so that's alright.
  9. They are only switchin it on - how long do you reckin it'll take to warm this fcuker up?! They are not colliding any cosmic rays for a week or so. Just as well I'm off on holiday on Thursday :sunny:
  10. still here
  11. When the first Atom bomb was tested at Los Alamos, the mathematical projections were that the explosion would 'runaway' with itself and destroy the planet. They exploded it anyway and it didn't (obviously).
  12. my bold
    Are you sure about that? I sometimes think that I am some frightful nightmare. The sort of thing that might be experienced by say, MDN
  13. They don't turn it on until tomorrow, according to the news.
  14. They could wait until the 21st. It'll make my hangover from the Help for Heroes match go away.
  15. The BBC are doing a programme tomorrow from 8.30am called "Big Bang Day".

    Don't know how long it's scheduled for..... :D