Gi me Respeck or Ill knife yo, mo fo!!!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by chocolate_frog, Mar 19, 2007.

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  1. Reading the Times gives me pause for thought.

    And from, what I assume to be, Kizzles mates.

    Hm, what a delightful image of our fine countries capital. This would be the city that our royalty stayed behind with the citizens and stood up to the Blitz, rich with our cultural heritage.

    Debased by a bunch of scrotes called "death dealing pussies" or whatever they think sounds hard and commands respect in their delinquent world.
  2. This is the realisation and acting-out of all the nightmares that were so accurately predicted by a few truthful politicians who spoke as they saw - and had their careers wrecked as a consequence.

    And before anyone jumps up and yells "Racist!" at me, this is not about race at all, but social attitudes.

    The dubious concept of "respect" in this context derives from exactly the same culture as rap music - an inherently aggressive, trouble-seeking type of folk art. It should have been stamped on very hard when it first began to appear, but it's rather late for that now.

    The effect of pursuing a multiculturalist agenda has been to damage all cultures in the UK
  3. Spot on Caub, but don't you think that this is in some way mirroring the gang culture in west belfast 1970s. Ethnic differences = religous division.
  4. Our cities get more like Los Angeles every day. Anybody care to guess when we'll see the first drive by with a machine gun in the West End?

    Don't worry too much though. Red Ken will sort this out - just as soon as he gets back from his next trip to Cuba.
  5. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I'm really sorry for the family of the lad that got killed, truly I am.

    On the other hand, Bliar and his party want to go soft on drugs, and drugs is the reason why these gangs exist; to serve and protect the main dealers and keep their patches safe from other gangs.

    IMHO, as long as innocent bystanders and members of the public don't get hurt, I am happy to see as many of these yoofs in graves as possible. Of course the main dealers won't wind up dead, but perhaps that can happen another way.

    It would be nice if the intelligence services could use their undoubted expertise to start of as many gang wars as possible, whilst at the same time arming the little bast@rds to the teeth AND lacing their drugs with some interesting poisons.

    These bods hate society, hate the laws, hate the police and have contempt for 'civilians'. They call themselves soldiers and believe they are fighting some kind of turf 'war'.

    Let's bring the rules of war to them.
  6. Could the current spate of murders be as a direct consequence of political correctness?

    Police reluctance to do Stop and Search to avoid allegations of racism seems to be having a rather predictable outcome.
  7. In Tom Clancy stylee? "without remores" was it

    "when we'll see the first drive by with a machine gun in the West End?"

    When they can afford the Congestion charge?
  8. Dont know about the west end mate, but they have happened numerous times in Birmingham, of course not all of them make it to the news though, what with celebrities going out on the town an all.
  9. Yes, I think there are useful parallels; but the British inner cities malaise seems to be so inextricably bound up with the yardie-drugs,-weapons-and-music ethos that it seems to be almost in a category of its own.

    These youngsters in their mid-teens who are running about with knives (and in some cases handguns) are really the second generation, and it was their parents who effectively made large inner-city sectors no-go areas for the police (and they remain so today, of course). Any chance to nip the phenomenon in the bud was lost 15-20 years ago, and I really can't see any easy way out of the current situation
  10. Hah! We couldn't even do that to the Irish Republican Army and its off-shoots...

    Bro is a policeman in a lovely south-London borough and I have to say I don't know how he and his colleagues deal with the crap they have to put up with, balancing politically correct doctrine against an attempt to protect and help those in need.

    The all-time favourite is after someone is murdered (and I don't think it applies in this particular case) there's always wailing from the families about why the police are guilty of inaction, yet whenever the police attempt to get involved they're warned off.

    Thanks to this government, the social contract has totally broken down and we're beginning to see proof of Hobbes' assertion that "life outside a civil society is nasty, brutish and short".

    Edited for being so :pissedoff: that I mixed up my political theorists! :D
  11. Got it in one, I think, Cadders. When the police should - on behalf of all of us - been taking a zero-tolerance approach to the unacceptable aspects of Carribean culture - i.e. the yardie thing - they were inhibited by a determination not to be seen as racist.

    If you see someone doing something offensive and potentially violent to society in general, you bloody well do something about it, and the skin-colour of the perpetrator is totally irrelevant. But the authorities didn't, and now we seem to be stuck with it, 'cos it's now in its 2nd generation, and firmly rooted.
  12. The headlines on tonight's news said the government were introducing steps to deal with knife crimes. Turns out all they are going to do is RECORD the crime differently.

    Well thats sorted then - start another database - why didn't we think of that !!
  13. In scotland we still have the same knife problem BUT with few black families and no yardies ... Here its simple ned culture. Packs of feral kids who dont give a feck, inventing 'beefs' with anyone they feel like and unable to see further than the next 10 seconds.
  14. A good point. Towns in like Birmingham and Nottingham seem to have even more violent crime than London.

    I have a mate who is a lawyer. I remember speaking to him about this a few years ago, when things were nowhere near as bad as they are now. He was of the opinion that we're heading for a general breakdown in law and order in England. He said many of the lawyers in the crown prosecution service held the same opinion.

    Where I live, the police openly admit that they are overwhelmed by drug crime. They wont even respond to complaints about dealers selling cocaine in schools unless over 100 pounds worth of drugs is involved.

    Regarding stop and search. What would happen if a 14 year old got stopped and caught with a knife? A custodial sentence? I think not. He'd be fined or he'd get probation. A kid caught with a bat like the one used to murder Kodjo wouldn't even be arrested.
  15. My car was screwed last night (4th time this year) alarm went off so only small number of items stolen but side window smashed so day off work today to get it fixed (1 days pay lost plus cost of window). Police response "Sorry to hear that Sir heres your crime ref number" "No we won't be attending". I give them names of low-lifes who did it, (seen by nieghbours) their response "We'll never be able to prove it / CPS says not in public interest". I'm hoping that the scrottes will eventually get involved in some "red on red" action, I for one will raise a glass that day. Apparently according to off the record comments by my MP (Neu Liarbour of course) is that those people whos cars are broken into bring it on themselves by "flaunting" their wealth by having new cars. Of course yet again its my fault for being a white male hetrosexual in full time employment. Fcuk it I've had enough, the backlash starts now.