GI breaks ranks, shoots commander

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Fireplace, Jun 29, 2012.

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  1. ..Army Battalion Commander Killed in Fort Bragg Shooting

    By Luis Martinez | ABC OTUS News

    A U.S. Army battalion commander was killed by a fellow soldier on Thursday in a shooting incident at Fort Bragg, N.C. The alleged gunman then shot himself and is in custody; a third soldier was slightly injured in the shooting.

    An Army statement said the shooting victim belonged to the 525th Battlefield Surveillance Brigade. A battalion is a subordinate command within a brigade and is commanded by a lieutenant colonel. The battalion involved in today's shooting has not been identified.

    A Defense official told ABC News that the shooting occurred this afternoon as the battalion was gathered for a safety briefing in advance of the upcoming July 4 weekend.

    The safety briefings are usually held by commanders to reinforce good patterns of behavior during holiday periods.

    The official says that at some point during the safety briefing an enlisted soldier broke out of formation and pulled a handgun to shoot the battalion commander. Another soldier was slightly injured during the shooting. The gunman then shot himself. He was taken into custody and is listed as being in serious condition.

    This official says it is unclear if the handgun the enlisted soldier used in the shooting was a personal weapon or military issue. Army bases usually keep firearms under lock and key at armories unless units are scheduled to use weapons at firing ranges.

    The official said the incident occurred two blocks from the Corps' headquarters. An Army statement said, "Fort Bragg law enforcement and emergency responders secured the scene within minutes at the corner of Letterman and Armistead Streets."

    At a press briefing late this evening Col. Kevin Arata, a spokesman for the XVIII Airborne Corps based at Fort Bragg, said, "This is a tragedy for our community. We don't yet know the reasons for the shooting, but are working with the unit and the affected families to help them through this difficult period." He added, ""Our prayers are with those who have been affected by this terrible incident."

    Special Agents from the Army Criminal Investigation Command are investigating the shooting.


    I once was in a squadron where I suspect half the other ranks - even senior NCOs - wish this had happened to our LtCol.
  2. Penis squared.
  3. What's 2 PARA's policy, though?

    If it's been sent from my HTC Sensation using Tapatalk then I'm probably pissed.
  4. 3 adsr 1982
  5. It appears that the shooter was a soldier who had stolen a toolbox/tools worth around $1700 and was facing a court martial and discharge. The officer he killed was his commander and he had been on the officers protection detail in Afghanistan. Other soldiers grabbed for the gun and one was wounded (not seriously) in the struggle. The shooter shot himself and is alive but not expected to survive.
  6. At Ft. Campbell, KY years agoOur Bde. had a policy whereby you came in from the field and no one went home or to rooms until all weapons/sensitive items cleaned, turned in, accounted for. A Sgt KNEW his wife was fucking around, kept begging the 1SG to allow him to go home quick and catch her so he could get a divorce. Top said no.

    So this one time he goes home she still has the lover there. he beats hell out of both of them, MP's called he gets arrested.

    Couple of days later hes standing in the Cdr's Officer being read the charge sheet. Whips out a .357 Python- Slots the Cdr, Slots the 1SG, Slots the Commo Sgt walks to the CQ desk points the gat at the CQ SGT and his Runner PFC, and stops. Says I Always thought you were ok" and eats the python in front of them.

    Our 1SG next day tells the company: "Anyone wants to go home early and catch the Missus screwing around be my guest, I aint gonna stop you"
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  7. Sounds like the SANDF. Every now and then one of the comrades' anti retro virals causes the spiders to start walking all over him so he wigs out and drills his section/platoon/company commander.

    It's a circus.
  8. British battalions recieved a slagging in the press for encouraging lads to "depressurise" by getting shit faced at smokers and BBQ's. While abusing the booze is not a good thing being shit faced in a safe place under controlled conditions with your mates has to be better than having no way of unwinding apart from drinking alone and stewing over things.

    I am not sure what the exact US forces position is to the whole drinking thing is but we have all seen the "237 days since the last alcohol related incident" signs so you do get the impression they are bit preachy about what lads do in the down time.
  9. Many years ago in the PX at 29 Palms (or somewhere close by to Camp Billy Machen) they were selling handguns in the PX.

    I inquired to one of the blokes why would you need such a thing as you get one with the job. He said home defence I pointed out that he lived in the block of a guarded army camp.

    Very strange.
  10. During the dark years post Vietnam the yanks had problems with drug abuse and gang culture and some base accommodation estates became no go areas.

    I shit ye not, US squaddies showing gang colours.
  11. It was about 1998, they must have had drug problems as they only had half doors on the shitter, again very weird.
  12. Private Pile?
  13. Sounds like some of the F&C heavy units in our Army...
  14. I'm old enough to remember when a Bn would have so many days without a Blotter report that we would get a training Holiday. Whole Bn on the nearby PT field, Jeeps with trailer load of iced Beer and liquor and we'd all get shitfaced at a BBQ. Inevitably those who lived off post were nailed by the MP's, and Killeen PD drunk, and the Bn would reset back to zero days. It was encouraged then (1981-84). The Guard wasnt much different, had my first drill the PSG pour my water out and fill my canteens with Wine and one M113 in the company was filled with cases of Beer to the roof, the dismounts riding on top or in other tracks. Then late 80's it became verboten and zero defect. 1 DWI and you were barred reenlistment and usually processed for Admin discharge (I know several CSM's who had Multiple DWI's before that and still got promotions). Now deployed it is a Court Martial offence to have alcohol (Violation of CENTCOM Gen Order 1).

    I watched as a Bde of National Guard trained for 6 months prior to goving to Iraq at Ft Hood in 2004. And the men were forbidden in Garrison from having a Beer (whiel the regulars across the street were allowed), not allowed off post for any reason, had to go to the PX as a Buddy team minimum some as fire teams. The Command was paranoid about Blotter incidents and it reflects on the Commanders evaluations at all levels.

    So what happens? you get some who sneak it and binge. Had a soldier in one of the scout platoons so drunk fighting another scout whipped out a knife to stick him. Wound up knifing another scout trying to break it up in the chest. Drunk stabber winds up held at Hood for courtmartial and wound up dead because he got hold of a gallon of Bacardi and drank it at one go. The unit went on Leave before going to Iraq and the Airport bars at DFW and Atlanta were filled with drunken joes and puking their guts up in the mens rooms because again Binging rather than if treated normally they would likely not be as drunk.

    Ft. Drum PX sells AR-15's last time I was there in 2011.