Hi all, I am a bit new to this site so please go easy on me...

I am MS 5 with my own house and receive GHY(SA) - 12 warrants a year - In JPA this is to be merged in with the other GYH entitlements and i will be paid a daily rate, at present i get £170 per claim, under JPA it works out at £270 approx a month.

My understanding is that the GYH claims are not part of the new claim package for this year and i will therefor have to wait untill we roll out eventually next year to start claiming. Does anyone know why this is? I work in a tri service environment so find it unfair that someone else in my position will be £100 better off a month just because they are RAF.

If the regulations and some other claims have changed to merge the tri service why cant ALL the claims run from April. I cant see where the hardship is as all the GYH claims are done on the same form except the GHY(SA) which is done manually every month??? Its not our fault that we are the biggest and obviously superior service :lol:

Is there anyone else in this situation, i would be grateful for any feedback.


P.S The rest of my section (RAF) got their passwords for JPA eventually on fri and what a nightmare they are having already...the system cant even handle leave passes and a paystatement takes about 10 mins to download!!!!!
Our systems could not cope with some of the automated allowances, it is bad enough having to take 5 times longer to work out some T&S claims. Tell us more about about how the crabs are getting on with JPA ... please.
Tell us more about about how the crabs are getting on with JPA ... please.[/quote]

I will keep you updated...thats if i can pay attention whilst in fits of laughter sitting in the corner of the office. :lol:

The password seems to be the main grumble at the moment as it needs to contain letters numbers and special characters and be a minimum of 8 characters...ANOTHER password to remember along with DII ones. :?

Another thing i noticed is that we will now get 12 equal monthly payments. That will be great for the month of Mar as we are always down from a short feb but does anyone else think this is gonna be a c*&K up when, for example your IDD is like mine in Oct???

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