Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Whiskybreath, Mar 19, 2008.

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  1. I dare the Government to ignore this.


    They're happy to allow the dregs of the world to suck at the teat of the British taxpayer (not a nice picture) in order to keep them, their fat ugly wives and gross blubbery sons on the gravy train, but purse their little mouths at the thought of allowing retired Ghurkas residence. Fuck them.

    It's so far past the time that the Ghurkas had equal rights in every possible dimension that the issue must be resolved now. Not in five years. Now. I thought we had a "Socialist", "equal oppportunities", PC, right-on band of tits in political control of the Government in this country. Prove it, you yellow-brown, lumpy malodorous shits.
  2. The whole Equal Opportunities thing is a myth. The New Labour machine have done more to destroy equality than to promote it. I am outraged!

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  3. Could it be that there are legal reasons why this can not be? Maybe signed in 1947.

    Britain-India-Nepal Tripartite Agreement

    On a further note, (remembering I have slightly mixed feelings on this issue, as I have many Gurkha mates), bear in mind we recruit the cream of the Gurkha society. Yes, we use them and they serve in a Army with honour. However, if they don't go back to Nepal, with their hefty pension and skills. What will happen to Nepal?

    I was once told that Nepals economy actually counts the Gurkha contribution quite highly. What would happen in UK if a particular group, say the British Armed Forces all picked up and fcuked off at the end of their service?
  4. CF you are right, this is a complex issue. If we wish to continue recruiting and employing Gurkhas, we must do so with the blessing of the Nepali authorities. Any change in terms and conditions must be agreed by them.
  5. Good point CF, maybe there is a legal dimension but the assumption is being made that they would all want to live here after their service therefore depriving Nepal of their wealth and experience and future generations. Some may want to return home, some may well want to remain here or have the freedom to come an go as they please, but the irrefutable argument is that they should have the choice.

    We welcome Poles, Serbs Albanians and god knows who else, yet shun these loyal servants of the crown. We should be flattered they would want to live amongst us and welcome them with open arms.

    Having to watch these proud people hand back hard won medals brings even further shame on an already discredited government, do they care?........doubt it.
  6. I was ready to be outraged, in fact I was (outraged) after watching the BBC quick report on this. Choccy amphibian brings a whole different POV though and one that I agree with. From my experience the typical Gurkha is a credit to any society and the sort of people Britain should welcome as citizens but as C-F has pointed out this would mean us poaching some of Nepal's finest.
  7. Maybe a good point but does that mean they have no choice in the matter? "Sorry mate you can't stay in UK as the Nepal version of Asda needs your cash"
    They have the right to apply to stay here like anyone else, but unlike AIDS ridden ballast from African countries they have contributed and defended the UK.
    I feel it should be automatic or dual citizenship. By the way deportation is harsh. How may foreign criminals have been deported? Government are not keen to rush in and empty our prisons of filth
  8. there's a bit more on this subject HERE and video link here - Sven's lot are backing the gurkhas
  9. I love walking past the Gurkha security guards one sees around and asking them "Tik tak?"

    My RTC currently has a Nepali under training, an old bloke but a good bloke.
  10. They should be given the oppertunity.

    As for the law, those that have retired since 1997 have the right to stay in the UK. It is only those that retired before that date that will be deported, as they served in Hong Kong and as such they are told they only served abroad and not in the UK, so are not eleagble for citizanship or leave-to-remain.

    Nobody is saying all of those who served will want to stay in the country, but those who were in the FI and many others should be given the oppertunity. Duel citizanship atleast.
  11. There was a piece about the Ghurkhas on Radio 4 on Sunday. All those who join now can remain and aparently this is having a critical effect on the economy in the areas of Nepal from where the Ghurkhas are recruited. Nepal is totally skint and the argument is that prior to 1997 there was no expectation by the Ghurkhas that they would serve in UK ( since most were in Hong Kong et al) and then remain here, hence the pension was far lower than their British counterparts - but still a fortune in Nepal. The local economy did and does rely on the money from these individuals. Since 1997 ghurkas have served in UK and been able to remain hence the pension has been increased to be able to allow them to live in UK.

    I am in agreement that many will be fine upstanding citizens and a welcome addition to our economyand society, however if Nepal can not function without them returning home there could be a danger that the Nepalese gov't prohibit them joining the British Army altogether and that trully would be a tragedy.

    It is common for the law to change and leave some behind adnd in a worse position than others in society- for example the recent changes here regarding national insurance contributions in order to get a full state pension. Unfortunately that is life and public money is not endless.
  12. Slightly off-topic, but it would be interesting if the demo would have kicked off... Plod vs. Angry Johnnie?
  13. Its a shame that these brave men have had to resort to this level ie handing in medals. It says a lot about the sad state of affairs of this country when deserving people cant get a decent pension, soldiers wives cant remain in the UK, members of the Forces get fcuk all when they lose mobility and yet parasites in this country get everything. Professional jobhunters, politicians and chavs.
  14. never happen. Gurkhas are among the most disciplined troops in the world AND Plod would have fecked off sharpish long before there was any risk of a fight with the Gurkhas
  15. Once again the government is taking the cheapest easiest option. Im disgusted but not in the least bit surprised.