Ghurka rifles mess dress

Discussion in 'Officers' started by HiHoJo, Jun 10, 2010.

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  1. Mate, I'm a matelot. I can tell you why crossing the T is a good thing, no idea about the ins and outs of your uniform. It does look very smart mind!
  2. Both the red on the collar and the waistcoat are part of the uniform.
  3. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Several Infantry Regts wear that style, it's not exactly Inf v Cav.
  4. It's a damn smart uniform then!
  5. It's a damn expensive uniform
  6. Not as expensive as some of the Yeomanry ones. I'll leave people who care to argue about which is smarter.

    Edited to add: actually - Thieves and Sharks quoted me something horrid for a new set of 2s to accomodate my increasingly flabby arrse in distinctly un-smart Sigs kit. Sufficiently expensive that losing weight has become a sensible option!
  7. That is the cav design. It's the same green as the Rifles mess dress and a better green than that picture.
  8. I suggest that the comparative smartness of their mess dress is not the appropriate way to choose a regiment!
  9. Sir i take umbridge at your remark and slap you on the left cheek with my glove :D . My second shall call round to you in the morning to provide details of where our duel shall take place :) tis the only way to choose a regiment, then have daddy go to horseguards and pay for the commission, before moving on to the gentlemans club, to meet with his lordship to dine :lol:
  10. It is not a cavalry design it is an infantry jacket.

    The red coat jackets are representative of the red coats that the line infantry used to wear. The green jackets are representative of the jackets that the light and rifle regiments wore.
  11. Ooh get you! I bet your lads love you and subalterns swoon when you tramp into the mess in your big muddy boots and your right-on hard man act. I think I´m going to wet myself.