Ghurka memory card (2) owner found!

You're an angel. I'm sure they will be over the moon to get their dead granny's pictures back.... 8O

Not many would have bothered at all. For you to have spent so much time and energy on this is truly unbelievable in this day and age.

Now can you nip over to the Finance thread and tell us all how to avoid paying so much tax?! :p


Well done. :clap:

You've just moved my faith in human nature up a notch.

Thank you.
We done ko_neko thats one of the best bits of good news I have heard this week. Wish there were more folk like you about.

So when are you going to go to the Army Careers Office & join us. We need folk like you !

Trust me your good deed will be rewarded. What goes around comes around in life.

Best regards

Not only public-spirited, but also ingenious, brave and lucky.

Ingenious for having the nous to find ARRSE.

Brave for posting the enquiry (must have seen some of the threads and how they can turn out).

Even braver for entering a strange community and making personal enquiries.

Lucky because she didn't first enquire as to the correct way to lace boots. ;)
five-minute-fagbreak said:
Bossdog and F-M-F, have you saved her photo to your pcs as the link seems to have disappeared, deviants.

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