Ghost Stories you've heard in the Forces

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Fallschirmjager, Dec 19, 2011.

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  1. Probably been covered before but unfuckinglucky.

    Anyway, I was handing Imber Village back over to one of the Range Wardens a few weeks ago and we were standing outside Imber Court. I told him to go in and have a look around to check for cleanliness but he refused to go in on his own. Naturally I asked him why; to which he told me his story. He said:

    "I was in here around 2 years ago and upstairs closing a shutter that had been left open when I heard someone say right behind me 'What gives you the right'. I thought it was someone pissing around but no one else was in the building. I'd have also heard anyone walking away from me which I didn't as it was said right in my ear. I soon scarpered and have never set foot in here again on my own'.

    Imber Village was originally a Saxon village and came into being around 950AD or so and was evacuated in 1943 for the training prior to D Day. Imber Court was originally the medieval Lords manor and was rebuilt in the 18th Century.

    Anyway, anyone else got any ghost stories?

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  2. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    Not so much ghosts but the number of people who've remarked on the total silence (in terms of wildlife/the total lack of birdsong, etc.) in certain parts of Hohne Barracks (what was the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp) is more than a bit spooky.
  3. None for me but has anyone else visited Orodur-sur-Glana in France, it was a walled town in which the Nazi's made their music, left as a 'living' museum to this day. Eerie as fuck and if there is ever such a thing as g g g ghosts, this place would have them.

    Oh, my sis was a Wren, took a photo of a cold spot in a known haunted house'' in NW England, when it was developed a smoke column appeared in the exact spot of the cold. The photo was front page of the Fortean Times once.
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  4. There was the flooded cellars story in Germany that does the rounds. I've heard people tell that it was Roberts Bks in Traz to the old Hospital in Hohne. Cellars which, allegedly, were used to conduct 'experiments' during WW2 and were flooded to cover up the crimes. Apparently the RN sent 2 divers down to investigate; 1 never returned and the other surfaced and never spoke again. Maybe one of the old 'n' bold could elaborate on the story. Chinese whispers and re-regurgitation of the story probably changed it beyond recognition.
  5. The above posts are some of the reasons I don't believe in ghosts. Many stories circulate from atrocities in the WWII era. As an example, there were much greater atrocities conducted during the hundred years war in France but as it's not within memory no one tells of ghost sightings from this era. It's like the ghost story must have some relevance to what most of us know about; eg; the Nazis or a murder this century. Why are there no ghost stories from the Neolithic era or the Iron age? Because for many people it has no relevance as they know nothing about the period. Unless ghosts fade away after a certain time frame.
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  6. That's a gay thread. My one will be dead scary. :)
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  7. the neolithic era or Iron Age they were too fucking stupid to beleive in a mythical all powerfull being called God so when they died, they had the decency to stay dead.
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  8. Hohne Barracks was not the Bergen Belsen concentration camp, which is situated a few kilometres down the road from the barracks. There are plenty of birds singing and nesting all over the barracks.

    When I last visited the former Belsen concentration camp a few years ago I remarked to HiD that birds were reputed not to sing within the confines of the camp. She responded that she could hear a blackbird singing. It was true, but the bird was outside the fence. I visited the site many times whilst I was based in Hohne (mainly to letch at the female students that used to come by the bus load), but never heard a bird singing inside the wire.
  9. Roger that. And with all the technological advancements man has made but is still yet to provide the slightest shred of evidence to the existence of Slimmer......... I'm a non-believer also.
  10. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    And things morph over time; like how UFOs and aliens have taken over from wizards and goblins as people's perceptions of technology and the universe have changed.

    There are though stories of Roman soldiers patrolling around Hadrian's Wall - and only being visible from the knees up as they're marching on the original road surface. I have read (all that Arthur C. Clarke 'Strange World of...' stuff that was kicking around when I was a kid) that ghosts fade over time.

    It's not all WWII, though. I can think of a grey lady who was purported to haunt a school near me as a kid (it had once been a manor house). She was supposedly the spirit of the mother of someone killed in the Great War. She jumped off the roof when she got the King's 'I regret to inform you...' letter. Perhaps many of the barracks stories relate to the ages of the buildings themselves.

    But of course ghosts and spirits exist. I had £50 in my pocket on Friday night. By Saturday it was gone. I woke up with a sore arse, my shoes on the wrong feet and no idea where I was... I mean, what else could've been the cause?
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  11. I was doing some gardening job in my garden and started wondering what would grow well and then what the previous owners might have grown. At that point, I heard the word "Tagetes", seemingly said right beside my right ear. There was no-one there, this was daytime and no hint of dark, ghostly, woooo-hooo type stuff. Obviously I may have imagined or hallucinated this, but I was sober, rarely drink and haven't ever heard 'voices' or seen stuff that wasn't actually there. Tagetes isn't a word I'd ever used, I was vaguely aware of its meaning and had to look it up to confirm what I'd thought (marigolds).

    So I got some marigold seed, grew it in seed trays and planted out the seedlings. And can you guess what happened?

    The slugs scoffed them and there was nothing but bare stalks left by the next morning.

    PS Slightly funny, but true.
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  12. Another wives tale. The Missus and I went to the camp on a hot summers day and there was plenty of wildlife there. I even found a lizard! :)
  13. I can see dead people in the 3rd and 4th pictures on this thread :p
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  14. I heard that BBR is often seen wandering the halls of ARRSE, spouting inane dross and crying for his mum. I've never witnessed it myself however.
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