'Ghost Jet'

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Wholmeal Ghost, Dec 30, 2004.

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  1. Before you read this I'd just like to say that I've only found this story on one news agency (AFP) and it's only being reported by american and australian news sites so it could probably be a load of arrse, however it could be intresting if it is proved to be true...

  2. 307

    307 War Hero

    Happy with that, maybe we'll get some good info out of the pieces of crap. Remember what these people have done.
  3. Is this just another example of the American tradition of being so damn paranoid that the left hand (insert agency name here) won't tell right hand (insert another agency name here) what the fcuk its up to.

    I hate to sound sceptical (but I'm going to), but did you see the series on BBC2 about conspiracy theories - I'm inclined to believe that the Yanks don't even know what's going on in their own govt!!

    Blame the septics for everything!!
  4. Doesn't sound like the kind of "slip up" an agency setting such an op like this would make

    I say it's BS. Besides, why go to all the trouble?
  5. Who wrote the article...David Icke?
  6. N379P is 'not assigned', according to the FAA (ain't google great?). Woo, false plates on a plane, a crime in itself...
  7. Probably... tinfoil hat on, etc....

    Yet spookily enough, the company alleged to own the imaginary aircraft DOES exist, and despite this being in the States there has been no sign of indignant denials or legal actions for millions...


    Personally I would be more concerned with observance of national and international laws, and not whether one country unsurprisingly has the physical ability to transport terrorist suspects and deportees.
  8. Although I am more than aware that alot of this stuff is frequently passed around by cospiracy theorists. We are all aware that dodgy shit has been going on for years. Project "Aurora" and involvments with strange aircraft movements at Boscombe anyone? However On trawling the net it seems whichever agency responsible has sloppily covered their arses already!!!
  9. I seem to remember reading something about this before.

    Think the story was that top level AQ terrorists (amongst others) were being covertly shipped to 3rd world countries with questionable human rights records in return for funding and aid from the US govt. The guys in Guantanamo were (are) there as a public front, to try and keep attention on them rather than the hell holes that the 'real' important ones have been dumped in.

    We will no doubt find out about it in 50yrs time when it is all declassified 8O

    agent smith
  10. Hi Rapierman, we are supposed to be developing our own stealth AC similar to Aroura it's called HALO, High Altitude Low Obsevable. I think it was first mentioned in the press a few years ago in the Mirror because it was caught on film by a landscape photograher flying over Rivington Pike in Lancashire, it was rumoured to fly out of Wharton. Yanks - Area 51, 26 mile exclusion zone, Brits - stick it in the middle of a major town, nobody bats an eyelid, class.
  11. Another example :) :) :)

  12. I still say it's all BS