Ghost brides are murdered so dead bachelors can have a wife

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, Jan 26, 2007.

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  1. Ghost brides are murdered to give dead bachelors a wife in the afterlife

    A ring of gangsters who traded in the bodies of women they murdered, selling them as brides to keep dead bachelors happy in the afterlife, has been arrested in China.

    The men preyed on the superstitions of ill-educated farmers eager to ensure that a dead son was happy in the afterlife. It is not uncommon in rural parts of China for a family to seek out the body of a woman who has died to be buried alongside their son after the performance of a marriage ceremony for the deceased pair.

    Ancestor worship is a tradition that runs through many aspects of Chinese life. One of the main Chinese festivals is Tomb Sweeping Day, when families visit graves of their forebears to clean them and burn incense. The spirit is believed to live on in the afterlife and at funerals families burn offerings of paper money and models of houses, cars and other little luxuries that the dead may need.

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  2. When I was in HK it was known as Bone polishing day when the families would visit the site or shrine of the deceased, take the remains out, polish and clean them then put them back in the jar. They would often have a picnic at the site and celebrate the deceased's life :elephant:
  3. ''Give me the ring...........aaaagh.......... you're my wife now....''
  4. A few of my dead muckers probably would appreciate a little cash/pussy/flash motor top up in Valhalla.
  5. Intli.......Bone-polishing day, yes I remember that and a little disconcerting running though the graveyard at the time with 50lb up and up Lion rock to the Pagoda and back to good hope school for our Monday morning Sargeant Majors fun run...................the sadistic barsteward. Happy days :thumright:
  6. Tut tut, day one week one spelling error there.
  7. sorry excuse is I never did basic training in the Army and was an NCO before I had my Army Number.....but that's another story :thumright:
  8. Hang on! Aren’t we missing a trick here? If we could get our Phy Ops types to sell this to the Rag heads they wouldn’t be half as keen to go bang in public places if they thought that they had to provide their own virgins on the other side.
  9. Well there is a definite market demand opportunity there I can see being filled immediately. All those baby girls killed so the one child policy son can live. Dead bachelor is probably going to be less fussy than a live one so he will be less likely to whinge if his ghost bride is 2 hours old. She will not be talking much at all either. Saves the gangsters jail time, dead blerk has his gorgeous young bride and family is satisfied :crazy:
  10. [align=center][​IMG][/align]

    I'm not sure about you lot but I polish my bone daily :D