"Ghost Bikes"

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by HHH, Apr 19, 2012.

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  1. HHH

    HHH LE

  2. I see some twat's nicked the saddle tho'.
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  3. Negligent-Discharge

    Negligent-Discharge LE Book Reviewer

  4. It's a very London thing
  5. I've seen a few aroud London - not quite sure what the point is but the Evening Standard has some sort of vague campaign on for safer cycling every time one is killed
  6. Negligent-Discharge

    Negligent-Discharge LE Book Reviewer

    Next we'll have little bikes painted on to the sides of cars like fighter pilots used to do....
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  7. It started many many moons ago in Oz or some such foresaken colonial shithole in the states, quite few lay claim to having started it.

    Each "ghost" bike being in memory of a cyclist and in particular a cycle couriers killed on the job by a careless driver.

    The first ones were placed by people who actually lost personal friends, later campaigns seem to be jumping on the grief whore bandwagon though.

    Ghost Bikes | ghost bikes
  8. Never heard of them until today, then I read about one in today's Baltimore City Paper and then logged onto ARRSE to find this. Spooky ...
  9. NZ is becoming the Land of the Great White Grief Whore.
    After living here for some time I'm getting used to the white crosses and minature gardens of rememberance at the side of the road to commemorate those who've killed themselves speeding or drunk driving but yesterday saw a people mover with a 'In memory of......" tribute sticker on the rear windscreen.
  10. Yes, there have been a few cyclist v HGV / PSV fatalities in Oxford but I've only seen one ghost bike- chained to the traffic light turning from Broad St into Parks Rd for 22-year-old Tsz Fok, hit by a bin lorry in 2007.
  11. Has it taken you this long to see your first, 'in memory of' remark/sticker on the rear window of someone's car ? e.g. John Doe 11.3.09. Poor taste if the person died in a car accident. Reminds me of the hedgehog stickers on the side of a truck from a, 'Not The Nine O'Clock News' sketch back in the 1980's. What happens when they get rid of the car ? Does the, 'in memory of' go too ? There are more appropriate/more lasting places to have, 'in memory of'. IMO anyway.

    Unfortunately a 3 year old was run over and killed on a main road in Woking a few years ago. Well wishers marked the spot with 'age appropriate' ballons and flowers. In an unfortunate twist of fate the feature length cartoon film, 'Cars' was popular that year and yes, there was a helium balloon on a stick with in the shape of one of the, 'Cars.'

    Ghost bikes ? Yeah got one out here on State Highway 3. I thought the idea was from Holland. I understand they memorialise a cyclist killed on the road but the ghost bikes get removed/stolen, not everyone likes them/can relate to them.

    I used to have (still have ?) a problem with flowers etc on a roadside tree/lamp post where someone had died on the road. I watched a Channel 4 programme about why people do it. I understand it now. It just marks the spot where their loved one departed this earth.

    Those roadside cemeteries in NZ used to puzzle me. No reference to the cemetery or a church or anything. Consecrated ground ? The gravestones in your line of sight as one rounds the corner whilst driving are suitably creepy. I stopped to look at them once. The gravestones were from the 1930's. Lack of available space ? I genuinely wondered if they were car accident victims. Why bury them there and not in a church graveyard or formal cemetary ?

    Oh well.
  12. South Island Time Differential. :wink:
    Some of these twunts take the proverbial a bit. We've got 'Garden of rememberance' on State Highway 1 (main South Island motorway. Two lanes!!) for some fcuknugget that checked out through a combination of speed and DD that must be about 3M across!
    Land Transport needs to grip these saddoes.
  13. They've got little shrines by the side of the roads all over bloody place in Peru. When I was there my driver spent all his time fervently crossing himself and kissing his thumb (I don't know, its a Catholic thing) every time we passed one.

    He had a busy life, when he wasn't crossing himself and kissing his thumb whilst driving, he was trying to steal my wallet, mobile phone, EOD toolkit.

    In Laos at Paksomethingorother, on the road from Lak Sao to Vientienne, there is a long bridge and you have to blow your horn three times to placate the river spirits.

    And then there's the roadside shrines in Laos, usually on a bad bend, where whole families have been killed. What's left of the relatives gather at the spot on the anniversary of the event to wave joss sticks about. They usually wander about pissed (on the bad bend) and get taken out by a passing lumber truck carrying illegally felled jungle hardwood.

    The human race is as neurotic as hell.
  14. Anyone seen if they worth anything on ebay?
  15. They are all over the place here as well so I suppose it is lucky there aren't as many pissed up squaddies trying to get back to camp on the weekends any more.