Ghadafi Duck - He ain't so dumb!!

Seems our PM is hankering to get out of the boring confines of the nation's capital and be seen as an important international player on the world scene.. so ol' Paulie is heading out to visit Colonel [ how come he never made general? - afterall he's the leader of the country. you'd think he'd put in for a promotion.. ] Mohamar [ I'm a changed man ] Ghadafi and the newly ' liberated ' Libya..

Well the good Colonel has taken ' security ' to a new level.. While PM Paulie travels with a Mountie escort and Dubya has all those neat guys in black with wires coming out of their ears.. Ghadafi has a 40 ' person ' squad of Amazons.. An all female bodyguard, dressed in smart blue uniforms and snappy berets and sporting Beretta rifles and AK-47's.. No veiled and burqua'd beauties these..

Each of them had to pass a rigorous training and drill camp before being assigned to protect the person of the "leader '.. from a pool of 100 Col. Ghadafi personally ' selects and vets ' the entourage.. don't know what other perks come their way but they make the equivalent of $ 245 a month to take a bullet for ol' Mohamar..[ no one says what else they may take ]..

Interesting.. in a supposedly Muslim country where the role of women follows Islamic teaching for the most part.. to have a squad of females not in ' traditional garb and toting big guns has got to be an eyebrow raiser...

whatever sexist jokes one cares to chuck about.. on the surface, score one for the feminist movement and women's lib in the Arab world...
I don't know, I'm not sure it's such a noble gesture. Let's imagine the top ten list of status symbols for a discerning crazy world leader. Up there along side Base in Volcano, Space Laser and House on Pensilvania Avenue, would be an army of lasses to act as personal bodyguards. Don't be fooled, old Muamhar al'Quadaffi is as much of a fervant Muslim as i am. I bet he has his top scientists designing "Machine Gun Jubblies" for the girls as we speak. Dirty old git has a thing for chicks with guns. Who doesn't?

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