GFs who hate the army.

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by A_team_lewis, Dec 1, 2003.

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  1. thinks all army blokes are d*cks.

  2. is in some form of service.

  3. likes to take it with a respirator on.

  1. In conversation with a few green mates, I've discovered that a high percentage have balls and chains who think that everyone in the army is a nobhead. Is this often the case?
  2. Yes and no.
    Yes, because I've heard many a girlfriend say that their fella's mates in green are utter pillocks!
    No, because my girlfriend is an Army brat just like me, and so understands some of what it's about to be in the forces. :wink:
  3. Yep. Everyone in the Army is a nobhead.
  4. You are being rude again......

    Desist immediately. Or you will be in my office on Wednesday.
  5. Kit on.....or kit off?
  6. Off

    With a copy of Yellow Pages down the back of your pants.

    Ready for Trap Two with a big scouser. Look forward to it.
  7. How is it that a perfectly innocent post about people in the Army being nobheads can get turned into a post with so much sexual innuendo, that it's about a subtle as a gopher with pencils up its nose playing pass the parcel while smoking an incredibly large pipe filled with the finest tabacco from Southern Crapistan.
  8. You're not a big scouser though......
  9. According to you - I'm the fattest one there is.

    But I could find a fatter one (if you play your cards right :lol: )
  10. Sorry Macks.

    He started it.
  11. Wow! ....that's some gopher!
  12. And what is a GF? Is it a bit like a GFW?

    What about BF? Or H? Or W? Or EH? Or EW?
  13. You're forgiven. Now kiss and make up (or something to that effect)... No! None of your kinkyness in here thanks! This is the OTC Forum, where we don't do kinky (much).
    And yes, it is some gopher!
    P.s. GF = Girlfriend. Get one of those really sad little books from Waterstones on how to be a super text geek! :D
  14. Eeeagh - kiss? I wouldn't touch him with yours.
  15. With my what?