Gf on the side - your thoughts

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by viceroy, Feb 21, 2012.

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  1. There is this mate of mine, married, appears happy on the surface, kids, the works. Charming bloke all things considered, reasonably good job (150K+), house etc. He is telling me that he loves his wife and kids but there isn't much happening in the sack.

    He met this bird at the gym, young, fit, seemingly unattached that is looking for a bit of fun and does not mind his being attached. I told him to be careful and not to get emotionally involved (he denies that he is, but constantly says how great she is etc) or it could all go horribly wrong for him, I have seen it happening before. It usually isn't for very long that the bird isn't minding attachments before she turns into a bunny boiler. What are your thoughts, given the above info, by all means let the banter fly as well, as it is in the NAAFI.
  2. Tell him not be so stupid.
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  3. Leave him to it, life is short and any hole is a goal.

    You could ask him for twos up.
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  4. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    Gf on the side?

    Apparently she won't get pregnant if they do it lying on their sides, so crack on.
  5. £150k+ is a 'reasonably good job'? FFS you have high standards!

    Once again, thread is useless without photos.

    You should be steaming into his missus to give her what she is now clearly missing out on, then when it all goes belly up you can console both female parties.

    Jobs a good un
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  6. What does his wife look like? Any pics?
  7. This 'mate' is you. the '£150k' is 15k, and the 'young, fit, seemingly unattached' is a 19st munter, isnt it?

    Go to her place, make her airtight, take photos to post here, wipe your cock on her curtains and pop smoke. Why are you being a gayer about it? Did you learn nothing at Battalion?
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  8. Seriously for a mo if I may: stay out of it you daft sod, don't get involved.

    Oh, and where are the pics you jack bugger?
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  9. it used to make me smile- seniors preaching to the slaves below about behaving and staying away from slags, all the while some of them (of course juniors did it too) were smashing anothers wife or girl friend and acting as if it was part of the army way of life !!!!

    i think you mate should spunk in her hair then take photos for our scrutiny
  10. You forgot "steal the sky remote"
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  11. If he can handle both without rumbling himself or getting the idiotic notion that he loves this new bit of fluff and wants to leave his family and start a new life as a fecking water-gypsy with her (no shit, I've seen it happen) then good for him.
  12. Shag the gym bird rotten, you get your hole, she gets satisfied (well, maybe) and forgets about your mucker and his marriage is saved. And you can brag to him about how good she was and how much he missed out on. Its win-win-win-win.

    Aw aye, piccies.
  13. A stiff cock has no conscience.
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  14. Well if he gets caught the 150k will be £15 after CSA has finished with him and the house will be a caravan in a field. It never ends well, as a mate of mine found out as he is now living in a glorified shed after shagging his nextdoor neighbours daughter. And no I don't have any pics.
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  15. His wife is not a looker but she isn't too bad either. Not my type, but she is a Senior Exec and makes at least what he makes, if that helps. No pics, I don't want this to backfire.