gezza's (adams) arrse might be puckering...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by chocolate_frog, Jan 9, 2012.

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  1. Any legal proceedings would shatter the ongoing peace process and no government would countenance that. I just can't see it happening.

    Not sure anybody really believes Adams has or had a Mr Clean image...not even his mum.
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  2. I had the merest of brushes with Op Banner and spent a couple of months wrapped round a radio in an op's room at barely 18 with the merest of time out on the ground so dont feel suitably qualified, I am though Irish born and have always held a vested interest in the whole affair. (I even got a slap in training for the tri-colour on my calf :) )

    My point is, will there ever be a point where some of the older and bolder of you can accept that some known personalities have seemingly gone for the greater good? It seems to me that some of the 'faces' that you were all looking out for 20-30 years ago have now actively contributed to the medium of stability in what was essentially a maelstrom of fire and heartache?

    British troops, myself included have broken bread with former members of the Taliban on a number of occasions, it seems to work. If you invite the aggressor in from the cold they seem to react positively, hence the Qatar office saga, should those of us who carried PIFWC cards in the Former Yugoslavia have approached capture as rabidly as you lot?

    I also stand by a long previous statement, if I'd have been brought up in the North I wouldnt be sat typing here now.
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  3. Only because you'd already have been head jobbed for being a tout :)
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  4. By brushing the brutal death of a woman (mother of 10 children), one of many others, are we not storing up problems for down the line?

    The past 3 decades of Britsh service personnel and civvies being wounded and killed, orphaned and widowed and teh very peace process that we are alledgedly embroiled in (bar af ew incidents) all for naught, if this just kicks off again?

    Old and deep greivances and the belief you wont get done for it?
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  5. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    The Boston College project where ex terrorists get interviewed by an ex player. The interview is sent off to Boston and written up on the understanding that it will not be published until after their deaths. One of the local wankstains wants his interview back. Fine, big yellow fedex bag with Boston College and recipiants name stamped all over it and try and look surprised when it gets lost in the post. The good bit is when they get hauled in and the conversation starts with 'According to your statement you were involved in..........'
    It'll never happen.
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  6. Strange family, I liked uncle Fester though and Morticia would probably get it.......
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  7. Not forgotten, nor am I likely to.....bastards.
  8. Thing is boston college much as most academics are going to hate to find out.
    Does rule the world the states or even Boston.
    So its guarantees are pretty ******* worthless. They may impress a judge who went to Boston college.
    Can't see the argument impressing an appeal court though.
    Although gerry not a murderering bastard would shock me more. That's why we dealt with him he could bring the majority gunmen with him. Although until Ireland is united the idea of armed revolt is not going away probably not even then as it will be the wrong sort of republic :(
    Doesn't matter if 99% are happy with the situation that's still a couple of thousand potential terrorists.
  9. I didn't realise the Loyalist were 'fighting' towards the same aim...
  10. No I was talking about the republicans.
    Even if the place gets unified it won't be whatever they were fighting for.
    Still being in Europe and majority speaking English etc
    Not the Celtic paradise they sacrificed so many people for :(.

    They want some Gaelic speaking socialist paradise with no links with England at all ever.
  11. skid2

    skid2 LE Book Reviewer

    Fine with me, as long as I can point to the pint glass, Guinness and relevant lump of cheese. I'm not really that fussed Gaelic socialist paradise petrol cheaper?, super. The whole idea of a united independent ireland is so pathetic unsustainable and outdated: it is just sad and embarrassing, yet fun, to hear some half wit attempt to justify it......but they don't. They just dump bombs, shoot things and rely on witless half wits (cf shankill chip shop bombing) and the impressionable invalids (cf the other half of the current Masserene shooting case) to do their dirty work. If we'd any sense we would be telling the ex terrorists we aren't talking to that they have a week to clean house, after that we start lifting people De Valera style. You want out sign the form renouncing the cause and if you're caught again that's a recommended 25 years that and the fact the immediate family is blacklisted from government and council work.

    Sorry, back to the original point of the thread. I do hope nothing interferes with it as I'm looking forward to seeing how the loyalist paramilitaries justify themselves ...... 'there was 16 of us and we threw this wee papist in a bin after giving him a kicking. That'll teach him to come and visit our slum'
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  12. I thought the good Friday agreement meant they have a bit of a chat with the cops and then get let off?
    It can't hurt Adams the people who hate him will still hate him and those who think he is a freedom fighter will still support him
    even if he turns out he knows where the bodies are buried ,because,he put them there.
    What sort of planks confesses on tape to crimes to an academic? Boston may be full of pro IRA people.The US government was hardly pro IRA at best ,it didn't want to know.And did help bust some people for weapon smuggling.
  13. "Confessions of a British Army tout" ?
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  14. Very fair and valid observations Hector. Wouldn't it be nice if some of the "players" still active in the North were to adopt that stance as well? More to the point, if the majority of the populace is now getting along famously and all is peace and harmony, why can't the communities bubble the minority of retards who continue to place IED's and intimidate and threaten those of a different religious bent? Don't get me wrong, I agree with a lot of what you say, but it is not just some of the old and bold who served who need to let go - many of the grievances that underpin this whole cluster go back centuries.