Gettting a feel for the next election. How are you voting?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Speedy, Mar 12, 2005.

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  1. Labour (Because you really believe every word the nice smiley man says)

  2. Conservative (Crap, but the only way to rid us of Blair and his lies)

  3. Lib Dems (I'm a weak minded fool who can't make a decision)

  4. BNP (Thank God we are still a democracy which allows this)

  5. Greens (Tree hugging for all)

  6. Other (because I can take an afternoon of work to vote so might as well choose one)

  1. So what will the outcome of the next election be?
  2. Gosh Speedy , shall I vote BNP , because it's the only party you've actually put a positive comment beside?
  3. Hey! I'm as cynical as the next man. I was just commenting that whilst everything the BNP says and does leaves a nasty taste in my mouth and the feeling that I need a shower, at least they can prticipate in democracy. For how long under the current regeime though I cannot say.
  4. I vote labour, 'cos i love the work they’ve done. They are going to get in anyway – going to get shafted either way, might as well vote for winning team. :D
  5. I am most definately NOT voting Labour. They are clueless as to how to defend this country, and as a middle class married man with a child I am taxed to death and have seen them remove married mans tax allowence, tax relief on mortgages and in general they are creating a hard core of welfare junkies to keep them in power.
    Time for them to go.
    Oh, and it's getting my own back for the back to back tours in 97-98-99 until I left in 2000 (You can keep my 10 rnds of 5.56, out of date morphine and the XXS body armour and stick em' up your arrse Tony)
  6. You threatening to stick 10 rounds up 'el presidento arrse? We can only hope the right honourable judge Prescott will lock you up under the new anti-terrorism law, scum.

    Middle class? Pull the other one! :wink:
  7. Apologies for being technical, but "You can ... stick em' up your arrse Tony" is hardly a threat. More of an invitation, surely. Hope this helps.
  8. The outcome of this election will help me decided where my future lies in 2007, when I leave.

    If TBLiar is back in, then I am off as we will become another little cog in the mighty cog that is the EU :evil: He will lie and cheat to get us to vote for the EU constitution. I want a UK that can decide for itself and tell the EU to feck off.
  9. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    That gave me a good laugh.

    So SERIOUSLY why are you going to vote for Bliar??
  10. He must be based in Germany and does not see first hand what is going on in the UK. Either that or a dolie, or asylum seeker.
  11. Shockingly all three...

    Bigger question is, who is speedy voting for?
  12. Labour or Lib Dem.

    If you're dismayed by my options, believe me, so am I.
  13. I'm voting Conservative, simply for the fact that they have the best chance of kicking Neu Arbeit out of power. If there was a real alternative I would vote for it.
  14. Then don't do it.

  15. Don't you mean scrounging parasitic lying b*stard ?