Getting your photo taken with a dead head

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Hexitele, Jan 19, 2012.

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  1. Is the below acceptable?

    Police probe after children find mobile phone with picture of man holding severed head | Mail Online

    I've never really been a fan of taking photos of the dead myself like but have known lads who couldn't help themselves and snapped a few gory shots over the years.

    The nearest to this I've seen is a medic waving a traumatically amputated hand at us as we arrived at a major incident. Is this the same or is he a sick fucker who probably supports Man U?

    Edit to add - Hopefully the rozzers will nick him for that hair cut.
  2. P.S I'm not one of the kids who found it, nor is it my head.
  3. It's a disgrace - imagine how the family of the victim would feel.
    Are the rest of the shots on the internet yet? Just asking.
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  4. This story is HEADS and tails above the rest.
  5. "'At first I wasn't sure if it was real, until I started clicking through the rest of them,' said the father.
    'It's really upset my daughter, she doesn't want to talk about it or go near the phone,"

    Yet he kept her there while he clicked through the rest of them.

    "she's really traumatized" Ah, I see, can almost feel the compensation setting in.
  6. 'It's really upset my daughter, she doesn't want to talk about it or go near the phone, she's really traumatised.'

    and rightly fucking so. Its not her phone.

    I also feel I have to add that the dad is a moron and an incompetent parent. Who looks at a phone photo's in company with their kids?
  7. ehwhat

    ehwhat Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Saw the photo and am a little confused, which is which? They both have that rigor smile...

    So, it was on a phone found in a ditch? I would suspect that someone stole the phone, took one look, wet itself and ran. Can we expect compensation for them as well for mental suffering?

    I found it interesting that the article states that, 'There's no legal requirement to register as an embalmer, and once somebody has done some sort of training they can work as an embalmer.'

    That's a bit appalling and places embalming in the same range as taxidermy.

    Cremation looks better and better.
  8. I had the same problem with photos in Bosnia after taking a few, my mum went berserk at the severed human head I had taken a picture of a the roadside of a truck ....damn thing was a rock :)
  9. They should have looked through the phone's contact book, found something like 'Mum', 'Dad' or the most called number and try to return the phone. The rest of the device is off-limits. They should have used their heads, especially since they're still attached.
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  10. You'll go to hell for that "joke"
  11. The video is even worse, you can hear the embalmer saying "Gottle of geer" in a comedy accent.
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  12. It was stretching it but I couldn't think of a better pun.
  13. Thanks for the heads up.
  14. You mean deadheads like these: