Getting your knob out on public duties

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rudie, Nov 15, 2008.

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  1. Mind that Indian sailor that f ucked his rifle over the head of the Indian Prime Minister whilst he was on an honour guard a few years ago?
    It had a lot of us thinking at the time how easy it would be to do something silly whilst on public duties,honour guards etc.
    Whilst on Royal Guard up at Ballater many years ago,the subject of "getting your c ock out" for the Queen or another inspecting Royal was doing the rounds.Fortunately none of us dared,but the idea was stuck in my head for f uckng years afterwards,and everytime I was on public duties or getting inspected by some vip/royal,etc I had to fight the urge to get my knob out.Am I alone in having those urges all them years ago?
  2. Stick around,plenty of knobs hang out on arrse.
  3. You are not alone in these thoughts.
    However, before deciding on such action, which will make you be remembered for decades, you have to ask some questions. These include, Do I like my job? Have I a mortgage to pay? If I get my dick out will I only be laughed at?
  4. I had a RCT driver in West Belfast who wanted to go on a foot patrol with us, Which he did, with his old lad hanging out, which was funny.
  5. Not quite Public Duties, we were in a bar in Harrogate, my mate was sitting down chatting to these two nurses, I pulled my "old Lad "out and rested it on his shoulder.......funny as fcuk as they could not keep their eyes off it :p

    Fast forward two day's.......worst STD I ve had :oops:
  6. You should've got your mate checked out before you smashed him then :wink:
  7. I seen that one coming....LOL
  8. Never underestimate the predictability of stupidity :)
  9. I was once chatting up a girl in Chicago's in Windsor when all of a sudden she became all flushed stammered something and strode off hurriedly. I found out why as when I turned round my mate had been stood behind me with his knob out pointing to it and mouthing "fancy some of this" funny yes. Not so funny when I did it at his Wedding to the Bridesmaid, ah revenge is sweet!
  10. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    There is a vid on youtube of a Hcav guy with his knob out in Whitehall.

    Can't be arrsed to go searching for it but I'm sure you will find it.
  11. And what were you searching for to find that??? 8O

    Post the link for the other homos.....just click on Favourites up the top :wink:
  12. LOL. Bad news this week, as per usual on ARRSE something to brighten up my day

    Very much appreciated, thanks
  13. How did you get the clap from your mates shoulder
  14. Then there is the famous photo of the Jock Officer wearing his kilt 'sans duds' with JT on display.

    Anyone ever know what happened to him?
  15. It was from the Nurse I shagged after!! 8) I have never had such a strain so bad, Birds Custard factory produced less "custard" than my knob spewed out :x