getting your car license in basic

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by odyssey88, Nov 23, 2007.

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  1. I'm currently in week 12 of basic, and we've read it on a program and others say it its true, others say its not, but will we be put thro out car license test?

    My NCO's have never mentioned it, as it's irrelevant to our course (paras, if it makes a difference) i wouldnt have expected them to.

    So basically will the army give me my license, or should i go get it myself?
  2. Are you sure it says Weeks 14&15 Driver training or does it say Weeks 14/15 Jack Wagon Trg!

    A subtle but noteworthy difference...........
  3. A huge percent of basic Infantry soldiers are entitled to Cat B at public expense. It is at least 85%, could be more.

    Boy has basic training changed, that you have time to go on a pc during the day
  4. They might just put you through your theory training as i seriously doubt that you'll have time to do the full thing in just two weeks.

    You'll probably get your license when you get to your Battalion, at some point.
  5. Are you sure it is not the European Computer Driving License, the world is getting all computerised now. I know it is part of the Marines training.
  6. my training for the RE includes driving, c+e and according to my recruiter we do it in 15 days. i think its done intensively, so all you do all day is drive pretty much.
  7. You should do it a phase two, or between recruit div and phase two.

    The world and his dog need to drive.

    ask your training staff to explain it

    You will go far dear boy.....hopefully not all the way by foot
  8. Depends on your capbadge. If driving is a requirement for your trade, then it will be included as part of your trade training. If not, wait until you get to your battalion and put your name down.
  9. inf now do driver theory training at catterick but not cat b practical

    you can however be sent to leconsfield by your battalion once you've passed out... just get onto your boss or coy 2ic about it.

    also is it true at leconsfield you have to march around camp??!!

    im off there in the new year.. and im a trained soldier with a tour of iraq under my belt... dont like the idea of being marched like a recruit again :roll:
  10. I did my driver training in Andover, but some of my mates said that they got marched round Leconsfield, apparently, there are some RLC JNCOs with a serious attitude problem
  11. Cow

    Cow LE

    Along with some sprogs with equaly bad attitudes. It's not the best place in the world but your only there to learn to drive. Off road track is good, few too many Civi Instructors and not much to do when not driving. It's not like you go out and get ratted every night (much).
  12. Iraq is what delayed you. Leconfield is always first choice then Contract Driver Training CDT.

    When Lecky is maxed out then CDT.
  13. what happens if you have already got your full car license? I too am hoping to go in the RE and i thought this the relevent place to ask.

  14. RE is Trade specific, but if you are going to do a trade that requires Driving ability the basic is done at DST Leconfield (Hull or Camberley) for RE with the specialists being done by the RE themselves.

    Defence School of Transport – Leconfield, Yorkshire
    The following trade training is carried out at the School of Transport:
    RE Driver Specialist 12 week course earning C+E licence

    Combat Engineer School – Camberley, Surrey
    The following Trade Training is carried out at the Combat Engineer School:
    Communications Specialist 8 week course + 2 weeks driver training (B+E)
    Driver training B+E licence only, approximately 2 weeks

    Construction Engineer School– Chatham, Kent
    The following trade Training is carried out at the School of Military Engineering:
    Electrician 39 week course + 2 weeks driver training (B+E)
    Plant Operator 19 week course + 12 weeks driver training (C+E licence)
    Equipment Mechanic 35 week course + 12 weeks driver training (C+E)
    Fitter (Air Conditioning) 49 week course + 2 weeks driver training (B+E)
    Surveyor 41 week course + 2 weeks driver training (B+E)
    Draughtsman (Design) 49 week course + 2 weeks driver training (B+E)
    Draughtsman (E+M) 49 week course + 2 weeks driver training (B+E)
    Materials Technician 32 week course + 12 weeks driver training (C+E)

  15. What about a MILITARY ENGINEER (BRICKLAYER AND CONCRETOR)? Would they be able to drive?