getting what Im due!!!

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by deano0509, Aug 30, 2004.

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  1. :evil: how do i get my gulf medal plus clasp, now a civvy?[b[/b]
  2. When they are issued and yours are produced, the Army Medal Office at Droitwich (or wherever it is these days) will automatically send them to your registered home address.
  3. I was meant to receive the jubilee medal but was out of the country when my unit got theirs..."apparently" it was sent off to follow me around the world...and would catch up with me!!I have since being posted to another unit and have tried getting to the bottom of it all by phoning up my old unit.
    Nobody seemed to be really bothered about it all and they said they'd get back to me......i'm still waiting!
    Anybody know the best way to go about this?Or do i just look out for a "cheapy" on ebay?I don't wanna fork out for something i haven't lost :x
  4. Neo

    Neo Clanker

    AVRE best thing to do is to get in touch with old unit again and ask for a photocopy of the Medal Roll that was entered by them showing your name. Then contact medal office direct and fax them the copy of the roll. Personally I would buy one but first check your UNICOM/PAMPAS print to see if you have been recorded as being awarded it.
  5. Sounds like good advice Neo.

    Be aware AVRE that after making staff redundant, the present Army Medal Office closed down their jubilee medal operation in April 04. Jubilee medal correspondence will not even be acknowledged until after the new Joint Medal Office opens next year. It is claimed however that applications are being filed and will be processed in due course, not before March 05.

    The present address is:

    Army Medal Office
    Government Buildings
    Worcester Road
    Droitwich Spa
    WR9 8AU

    Hope this helps. As it seems there are quite a few people in the same position, I suggest anyone who gets more info posts it here. And yes, operational medals should get priority - I have some too - but let's not play the MOD bureaucrats' game?