Getting used to tabbing again

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by platoonmong, Feb 28, 2012.

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  1. Some of you may recall my previous thread which turned into a bit of a slanging match and got binned because of the fact I hadn't done any phys for two years (whilst being a full-time civvy), however I am re-joining the TA inf and still in need of advice.

    I have been doing phys again now for nearly 3 weeks and I'm seeing a quick improvement due to the ammount I'm doing (5 times a week for at least an hour a day broke up into 2 sessions).

    However I did a 8 mile tab with 25kg and I was a bit slow, finishing in 2:12 whilst going as fast as I could. Before I stopped doing phys I used to tab in my own time well under the CFT time.

    The problem was that during the running, I couldn't seem to stretch my legs out and really run, all I could manage was a shuffle. My walking was a bit slow as well.

    My question is (serious replies only) what's the best way to get used to running with weight at speed again, should I be doing short tabs with less weight quickly or longer tabs. Should I be building up to a full CFT weight and speed rather than just doing the full weight and distance everytime?
  2. 2 years is a long time off. I would say that you need to work up to a full CFT type tab over at least 6 weeks. Start off without the weight and add on as you feel up to it. Wouldn't worry about shuffling, it's the speed off the shuffle that counts. I passed many a CFT that way. In any event Keep going and Good Luck.
  3. tabbing up long steep hills worked for me
  4. The Brecon shuffle is all you need. Just do the shuffle for longer and speed it up a bit. I'm actually too slow at the walking because i can't stretch my legs out far enough so i generally run(shuffle) for a lot of it. When i've had to do the 8 miler we've been given 1:30 target time so we have to run quite a lot of it anyway.

    I also personally rarely run with the full weight. You will bugger up your knees eventually. Instead do it with less and make sure your route is hilly.
  5. I would say so! It felt like an impossible challenge when I first started as I don't think I've ever felt that unfit in my life, but over the past few days it's really started coming together a bit and I feel a lot stronger and have far better cardio.

    As for the shuffling, when I was tabbing on my own time, I would often shuffle the whole way round and do the tab very quickly, however when doing it as a squad it always seemed to the the emphasis was on walking very quickly the whole way round, or walking slowly with periods of full on running.

    I also used to find the walking quickly with long strides part harder than running.
  6. Are you doing any stretching workouts?
  7. What weight would you reckon though.

    I'm a bit wary about stepping down too much because I served in a corps unit before going Inf and struggled a bit with the extra weight at first.

    I have read fitness advice in the past that says your body gets used to doing what you train for, so say if I went down to fifteen, wouldn't that mean that I'd get used to running at fifteen and find it difficult to get back up to 25kg?

    I open to the idea of running with less but not sure it would benefit me to tab with less weight for extended periods of time?

    Should I drop down to 15 and take it up weekly by 5kg?
  8. If I'm honest, no none at all, I have pretty poor flexibility and I've never warmed up and down. But then I've never had any injuries either (though I am now in my 30s so perhaps I should start).

    What would you suggest?
  9. My thoughts on this are that it isn't actually necessary to carry the full weight when training. The only reason I do it every now and again is to increase my confidence.

    I think it's much better to carry 15kg and go walk uphill a lot. Easier on your knees because you're not pounding your feet into the ground, but you are getting a very good workout on your legs at the same time.

    Another method to save your knees would be to stick the full weight on in your living room. Stick the telly on and step up and off a milk crate or similar for 40 minutes.
  10. I did that in afghanistan a few times on an ammo crate, and you're right it was very easy on the knees, I think that's what I'll try, thanks.
  11. Definately stretch out at least.
    Get past 30 and gone are the days when you could leap out of the old pit grab a fag and a Herfie mouthwash before belting round the CFT in record time.
  12. Stretching properly. The better your range of movement, and flexibility, the easier it is for your muscles to work. Your stride will increase etc.
  13. I will give it a go, I still remember some of the "carry on normal jogging" stuff. Do you reckon ten minutes or so would be enough?

  14. Same here. Being a short arse the walking bit was torture so used to shuffle anyway.
  15. Thank's for the good advice lads, You've given me a lot to ponder.

    I've learned my lesson and will never let my phys slip again, I'm going back into the TA to hopefully do another tour but I plan to stay in after this time and try and get promotions and courses etc. So I will stay fit!
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