Getting used to running in boots?

Hello all.
I start at pirbright on the 6th of June and was just wondering if there was actually any point getting used to running in boots? I have seen People say that it's a good idea, but I'm just not sure if there is any point. Any boots that I am given will be differant form the boots I would have been running in. Also I can't find any boots to run in anyway. I would probably have to run in my work boots lol.

Apaloogees if this has been already been covered. I did a search and it came back with nothing.
It has been covered, lots. But to summise what you will find in here there is a split in opinion. Personally I would suggest that any pertinent training you can do prior to basic will give you a head start. However others have made the valid comment that out of the box training without instruction and control may lead to injury. I would say that as you are less than 6 weeks away and dont have any appropriate boots, dont worry about it, keep working on your fitness by running in trainers and leave the boots part until you get to basic.

Hope that helps. Good luck on your course.
As said above don't start running/carrying weight yet wait till ATR and let the PTIs build you up.........Ive seen a number of people injure themselves a few weeks away from starting training and get medical discharged in the first week.
Remember, they're not expecting a platoon of cage fighters to tip up. PTI's know how to break boots in, when to put weight on your back, even how to do your laces up in boots so that you don't injure your ankles.
They've spent a good period learning all this in a military classroom. You haven't, don't go shoving boots on now and risking a career because you are not 100% with what you are doing. Listen to those like The_Iron and just carry on jogging! I know it should really be running, but jogging has more of a pun to it!

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