Getting ugly in Kenya

Raven, can you re-write that so that some form of decipherable Engleesh comes across?!
Fascist, and a swine.

I'm a conservative.
Satanist, eh? Good on yer. I'm a 'morally responsible conservative', willing to listen but probably hard to shift, so down with Baphomet and the lesser demons. We have Jacob and Nigel in our Legion, though, so fairly immovable.
RIP victims and speedy recovery to the the injured...

May have been Response by the good guys the form of a mystery dark Sikorsky S-92 Helibus (one was sighted at Djibouti and Syria ) ..

This landed in some sports ground evacuate the wounded. .....(so no Stealth Hawks in this case)!

Those of us in the industry probbly have shaken hands with the operator over the years......

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Dark apart from it’s white ‘thing’ on top of the rotors.
I know its from the Wail but had to post this for comedy value alone.

Im glad he had clothing close by....imagine the different pics that would of been splashed around the world if it wasnt!
Really sad to hear, thoughts with all the victims. Hats off to the SAS guy and the Kenyan security forces.

Some of these pics are striking and bound to be iconic:



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It's a Good Thing that it didn't all go to a bag of rats if some upstanding Nairobi resident had broken into his car and found a C8 Colt Canada. 5.56mm: L119A2 , Glock 17 and nasty, nasty, killy knife beforehand. In which case he'd have probably been RTU'd in deep disgrace and much Guardian publicity and comment on nasty, nasty knives.
The whole islamic world is missing out on....... what is two levels up from trillions?
Kenya is not an Islamic country is it?

In any case, regrettably, we have plenty of data to show what Islam does to one's economy, simply take a look at the countries in which it is most prevalent which are, for the most part, still scratching their way out of the middle ages.
I was in Nairobi on a six month contract four years ago, working in that very compound. It always struck me as a terrorist incident waiting to happen as it had only one vehicle access and a small pedestrian egress at the rear. Basically once you were in, you were trapped. And the usual half hearted vehicle and foxtrot security check at the entrance.
So the security guards old wooden drumstick, used to move stuff around in open handbags, is not going to detect vests , or even create a ballistic force field when he is attacked?
Perhaps the underpaid and bored guy with the cracked mirror on a stick will do better at the vehicle gate.
It seems to be considered cutting edge security at most malls, worldwide.
It's a bit like Die Hard isn't it? Only this bloke started off with a machine gun (and probably has more hair).
Some reports hinted that the local security forces looted the place afterwards, seem to recall this happened after one of the incidents before. Tradition or do they get trained how to do that by US and UK SF?
Strange that the place has a security problem really with such top notch people.
Nobody goes to a 5* hotel and doesn't raid the shampoos.
I don't. Except in Japan once when according to my GF at the time Shiseido or whatever the **** they are called are really good products. So yeah, cleaned them about and brought them in my bag. But hey, I paid for the very very expensive room - so I guess I may have been entitled? Still felt weird.
Totally missed this when it happened, I was asked about it yesterday in connection with the George Cross the chap is supposed to be nominated for. Fcuking well done........even if he may have been a Shakey, what with his Blackbeard's Flag patch.

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