Getting training stats from JPA

JPA is good for some things - mainly sticking in claims and getting the money quickly.

But.... I can't help but think that it's a complete burden from a G7 perspective. My unit inputs MATT details in there as per normal and the JPA clerk also updates it when people pass courses - again fairly standard stuff. But, when I ask the clerk if they can give me a list of everyone in the unit who has passed xyz course they can't do it. Apparently JPA is great for putting information IN but is not designed for actually getting anything back OUT.

UNICOM and its predecessor were both able to do queries to find out that sort of informaton and it seems totally counterintuitive and counterproductive that the new multi-million pound system apparently can't do something as easy as produce data. If that is true, what is the point of putting that data in there in in the first place? Instead we end up duplicating the data in spreadsheets on DII. Yay... classic information management - NOT.

Anyone else frustrated by this or are our clerks actually totally wrong?

Cheers, PD


Think your clerks could be feeding you a line, there are many different reports you can run on JPA, depending on what you need. To give a list of all those who have obtained a certain qualification is a doddle! We have a staneval nco to run all the reports, with an ability to apply to the RAF focal point if the info isn't readily available. If you have a genuine reason you will invariably get the report you need
I think you can request a 'form' on JPA with specific views via the JPAC. But I could be wrong.


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You could do my unit does and just order everyone to print it off, then lose it then get them to do it again.

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