Getting TOUGH on crime

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by shaka, Jan 29, 2007.

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  1. 'These kids coming together to make a rap is probably the only positive thing that some of them have done for a long time.

    'Is there another way of channelling them towards positive behaviour so that they can make use of the fact that they can sing and have an interest in music. I want to try to see a glass half full rather than the negatives of this.'

    The rap, which uses a chorus by the American rapper Eminem, describes in detail how the youths attacked Willem after a disagreement.

    Jesus Christ! Its good to see that the politicians are on the side of the victims.
    Absolute abortion.
  2. Edit:-

    I really should know better than to respond to a Daily Mail article.
  3. "But Bexhill's Conservative MP Greg Barker refused to condemn the song about the attack which happened just days after Tory leader David Cameron launched his 'love a lout' campaign.

    He said: 'These kids coming together to make a rap is probably the only positive thing that some of them have done for a long time

    WTF!!, no seriously, are all polititions barking mad, 15 cowardly chavs kick the living sh!t out of some poor gwar kid and right a song about it and it's a "positive thing".

    I was considering a tory vote, they can f**k right off.
  4. The question is more reasonable than perhaps you think!

    Many are absolutely barking mad.

    The predominant behavioural characteristic of many politicians is sociopathic. The sociopath - socialised psychopath - is devoid of normal human feelings since unlike most people, he has no ability to empathise with his fellow human beings.

    He survives socially by mimicking emotions he does not feel. To the sociopath, feelings and emotions are those that exist in others and are a weakness that can be manipulated and that which can be manipulated can be controlled and dominated.

    Sociopaths live behind a carefully constructed mask of normality, but every every now and again, the mask slips, as it obviously does here! Notice the characteristic lack of empathy towards the victim. It is the lack of genuine empathy that mostly gives them away.

    Google 'Sociopath' and when you have researched their common behavioural characteristics, you will understand what drives them and why so many of them gravitate to politics or professions which give them any source of power or control over others.
  5. Iolis

    You disturb me.
  6. You post this regularly Iolis, where do You cut and paste it from? You way of thinking seems to be that since sociopaths want power then all those who seek power are sociopaths.

    Tell me. do You think Mahatma Ghandi a sociopath, Airey Neave, Martin Bell? Are all Very Senior Officers sociopaths? Do You honestly think that it is right to lump all people in a group with a certain characteristic?

    And finally, isn't a characteristic of a sociopath that he cannot survive in a long term relationship because his lack of feelings would be exposed.
  7. The views expressed are my own. They are not cut and pasted as you suggest.

    Yet again you are attempting to distort what it written. This time you are using the absolutist approach.

    You have wilfully and deliberately chosen to conflate the distinction that exists between the term: 'many' and the term: 'all'

    You are attempting to attribute to me the statement that ALL politicians are sociopaths and having made that statement in the belief that you statement will be accepted as fact, you then seek to give examples of those who would not be so considered.

    Unfortunately Sven you are going to have to do rather better than that since although you seem rather intelligent, your ability to argue logically is limited and your ability to present a distorted view is, as it usually is, manifestly obvious.

    Try again.
  8. They should be rappin' while chained together on the M25 verge picking up rubbish, now that would be productive. What's the bet that these little rags get a recording contract?

    Don't forget.....Have you Hugged a Hoody today?
  9. fu k ng cowards. not just the chav scum who did this but the fools who let them escape a custodial sentence; the fools who wrote the sentencing guidelines that allowed these scum to walk free; the apologists who would say, ah...but it was their deprived upbringing. You see the thing is; most people couldn't care less about their childhood, what people care about (and rather passionately) is that little freaks that do things like this receive a punishment that fits the crime they have committed.

    only no one is listening. the country is in utter turmoil. i know what i would do to these cowardly little bastards. but that is beside the point.

    the one i would really like to hear give an account of his crimes (too numerous to list) is that lying amoral bas.ard t..y f c king b liar. you see at the end of the day the blame lays at his feet and this pathetic empty government.
  10. It wouldn't make much of a difference if they were sent to one of those juvenile institutions. I saw a documentary on that once. It was meant to show how terrible life was inside (i think it was by Channel 4). How wrong the producers were. The 'inmates' had free food, nice beds, nice heated rooms and some even had tv. The living conditions are, to say the least, comfortable. No wonder these ********* keep reoffending.

    Seriosuly, some people really have no business raising kids. My dad would have kicked the crap out of me... and then some.

    And my parents certainly would not have dared to say such nonsense to the press.