Getting to the beacons

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Ian1983, Apr 1, 2008.

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  1. Just a quick question for those of you that might know.

    I'm looking at doing some hill walking and I was thinking the beacons would be a good location.

    Problem is its 250 miles one way for me to get there, so it would cost a pretty penny driving there and back and I wouldn't mind doing it 1-2 times a month, so trying to keep costs down.

    Any suggestions for those who might have been there?
  2. Where (roughly) are you starting from?
  3. I'm near st albans (hatfield to be precise)

    edit- I saw something about ariva but I'll be damned if I can navigate their website properly
  4. If you're still serving try and stay in Derring Lines, quite near to the Beacons. Whenever we go we usually start from the Storey Arms car park which is pretty much at the base of Pen-y-Fan.
  5. Not serving as of yet mate

    But looking for some decent hill walking to get some specific miles in my legs (I need more the runs).

    But thats for that location, gives me somewhere to launch from
  6. Enjoy!!

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  7. THAT is EXACTLY what I'm looking for

    I just need to get there and some new boots
  8. AND a walking partner/an emergency contact phone number
  9. Emergency number - try Longtown Mountain Rescue. Google them, normally it's 999 and ask for Mountain Rescue.

    Edited - spelling.
  10. And OS Map 160!!

    Edit to add: On OS Map 160 the Storey Arms Centre (A470) is located in Grid 9820. There's a couple of car parks there and usually a burger van for when you come back down!! From those car parks it's within spitting distance of the Fan.
  11. ^^^


    Might be a bit expensive if I'm going a few times in a couple of months, but a nice local for sure.

    That might help

    Also on the to buy list, a compass and book on how to use a map and compass :oops:

    Thanks for the input all, keep it coming (especially how I can get there for a min cost)
  12. A good book for beginners is 'Mountain Navigation' by Peter Cliff. It's got enough in it to see you right but if you are just beginning don't overestimate how far and how good you may think you are! Many a person has come undone up there, I'm sure you'll get loads of advice thrown at you but decent kit is a must and don't forget a brew kit and scoff!
  13. Train from Hatfield to Sugar Loaf Halt (which is as remote as you could hope for takes six hours out and 8 hours back on the sunday. You would have to leave by early afternoon on the Friday. £47 booked in advance.

    A better bet for much the same type of terrain would be the Peak District: (Dark Peak)
    1730train on Friday gets you to Edale for 2111. Sunday service back 1554 gets you home for 1933

    £64 return in Advance but I am certain you could get a cheaper deal than that.

    If you went from St Albans, Timings are similar and teh cheapest advance shown is £55.

    Again you could get cheaper if you bought separate tickets. You need to break down all the journey legs on the website and compare them. Usually saves about 10 - 20%

    I'd break it down - St Albans - Leicester, Leicester - Derby, Derby - Sheffield, Sheffield - Edale.

    I can't be bothered to work out all the combinations for you though!

    Ask if you need any more guidance. Happy Hiking!


    Here's one of the easier bitsof teh Dark Peak:
    And a bit with no path:
  14. Do take note of the safety points you've been given.
    If you are not experienced you really need to go with someone.
    Even experienced men can get into trouble out there. The weather conditions change mighty quickly and men have been blown off the top before now.
    Cheapest brecon accomodation £14 a night

    I second the peter Cliff book suggestion and I also suggest that you join a good orienteering club immediately as that will get you going with a map and compass.