Getting to ADSC impossable!

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Delta_Force, May 31, 2013.

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  1. Started a new thread as I need some help and I think my case is an independent one..

    I've had all my tests and passed IDSC so next step is ADSC. I originally had a date of 20th April. The National recruitment centre rang me on the 15th telling me they had made an error and only booked me on the medical and not full selection so I had to wait 4-6 weeks for a new date.

    4 weeks passed and I rang them again on 15th May to chase it up, they inform me I had a new date on 26th April (but I wasn't informed) so because I didn't turn up my status is now deffered until July. This is obviously their fault so I was told the guy on the phone would contact his manager to sort it out.

    I have a lack of confidence in the centre so I rang my local AFCO that have been handling my application for help, they said they would get back to me the next day. I rang the next day and spoke to someone different and again had to explain whats happened and he said he's sort it out and get back to me.

    It's now been 3 weeks since i've heard anything from anyone. What can I do? It seems impossible to speak to someone who can actually sort this out.
  2. Keep chasing it till you eventually get an answer
  3. Ask who your Csm is and get their number and talk to them
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  4. Try this number for Capita - I got through to someone straight away on this number. They will prob give you another number to call which will be your selection manager, or you can ask them to get him/her to phone you back because you have been unable to get through and you need it sorting urgently.

    01980 8035561

    If that doesnt work i've got another 5 or so numbers for Capita (though i dont have them on me at the moment) which might help.
  5. Thank you. I rang the NCR yet again this morning. I was told i'd be contacted by a manager so I told the guy that I got told this 3 weeks ago. So he said if I don't hear by Friday to phone back. So another week of waiting
  6. I feel your pain mate, it seems to take forever to get past each step! im waiting to be allocated a csm at the moment so I can get my interview booked etc, seems so long winded!
  7. I passed my interviews in march before capita took over, and was told I had a date for selection (two weeks from today) and that I had to wait for them to contact me. Still have not heard anything back despite numerous calls to the Afco who just say sorry it's out of our hands and capita who always say we will get back to you.
  8. Sounds like your in the same boat as me! Did my tests and stuff around the same time so frustrating waiting around for them to sort stuff out isnt it
  9. Well got off the phone half an hour ago, and they have finally got the arrival instructions and forms to me and sent the tickets on the way. But on that note, a friend of mine has been waiting since the takeover for a barb test to be sent through but they keep fobbing him off with poor excuses.
  10. I am at the same stage as you mate, how long have you been waiting for ?
  11. I've kind of been through the same thing... Last June, i was deffered from ADSC as a result of the medical, and its pretty much taken a year to get seen and cleared by the NHS... As soon as i sent the discharge letter to Lichfield i didnt get any reponse so i phoned them to see if they had received the letter, and got told they had and that Capita had already booked me on anotehr ADSC without letting me know. I wasnt able to attend because i require 2 weeks notice at least to get the holiday booked off work (unforunately i cant pull a sickie) and i was suprised when they started asking questions about how i found out, and were shocked that i knew i'd been booked onto an ADSC... I think they basically just email out the Joining Instructions a week before you go on an ADSC and leave it at that.

    Oh i was also sent a new medical questionarrie that seems super long winded and just repeats the same questions over and over again but under different headers and worded slightly different... Couldnt believe it when i had to answer "Have you had any broken bones" 3 or 4 times... Completely pointless.. As if my proper GP medical, and assessments by ADSC and medical professionals arent good enough...

    Waiting now to get my 2 weeks notice, but im not expecting them to remember or keep to it - i miss the times when i found out my ADSC last year was given to me at least a month in advance.
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    Army Jobs Swinger SME

    Hi Delta Force if you would like to get some more info on your application call 0845 600 8080 and they will be able to check details for you.
  13. got a call from my CSM yesterday and have been recommended to go on an insight course before selection I presume because I told her my run time was around 10:40 atm, but also said when I get there its a best effort and im 100% I will be faster than that!

    ive been on 3 pre selections 2 last year both failed my run, then did one in feb and passed with 10:30 time so i really dont see what the problem is just seems like another delay to me....
  14. sup rec

    sup rec LE Book Reviewer

    What job are you going for? There may be other reasons, not just fitness that you would be sent and is it an insight course (3-5 days) or PA PDA (1 day). Also, if it is an insight course, is it a GAIC (General Army Insight Course) or a RIC (Regimental Insight Course)?