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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by dan2k7, Jul 30, 2011.

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  1. Hello all, looking for a bit of advice I am having with my employer. I have been asked by my unit to complete phase 1(b) and also my IMP(V) courses which are taking place throughout September.

    Unfortunately my employer has declined my request for time off. Do I have any kind of right to have this time off? I only work 13 hours a week and it isby no means a specialist job, any help much appreciated.
  2. No you don't. Just quit and try another fast food outlet.
  3. Take a hammer to the boss' car and then say, 'how much time can I have off now bitch?'

    Let me know how you get on....
  4. Would love to do both methods preferably the second before the first but I was thinking could a phone call/letter from my unit help? I have already said I would take it as unpaid leave but up to now its a no.
  5. Talk to your PSI and PSAO. Look your employer up online and get their HR details and ask them. Large companies often often have policies that you can look up online.

    If you only work week-ends and you are joining the TA you might have to consider deconflicting your diary old boy. Wanna borrow a hammer??
  6. Why should your employer give you time off to indulge in what is essentially a hobby? I bet all a letter from your unit would achieve is an ultimatum from your boss to choose between the TA or your work.
  7. Thanks I will check it out
  8. Harsh style of delivery aside, this is the sagest advice. Employers have NO liabilty/responsability to give you time off to TA. Indeed most employers see TA as a ******* hinderance. Just as your being.
  9. Your PSI or PSAO should have told you that family and civvy employers should always come first before TA. Being honest your employer doesn't really have any obligation whatsoever, you either use your own annual leave or try and make some kind of compromise but from the sounds of it, and especially if you only work part time, your employer can't be doing without you for a fortnight or however long it is

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  10. If your job is dishing out McTuckey fried pizza I'd put the TA first.

    Make sure you are in a position to get in, ie health, fitness and documents, then revert to plan A and set about the boss' car like a man possessed.

    Hope that helps
  11. Hobby? ******* dangerous hobby hey
  12. For a lot of your brethren it's not.
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  13. Yeah, those drill nights are harsh.
  14. What is it then? Would casual labour suit you better, or perhaps part time job?

    Whatever way you choose to describe TA service his "real" job should be his priority not going to play soldiers on a weekend. However, if he only works weekends at the moment anyway he'd probably be just as well to sack his job and focus on the TA, might make it difficult to get a better job in the future when he tells them he quit his last job because it interfered with his hobby/part time job/casual labour/some thing he does for a laugh?

    I'd not get so bent out of shape about what people say on the internet you might get sick.
  15. Yes ******* dangerous! Have you ever spent a Tuesday night with 20 armed nurses?? You've seen what just one can do with insulin & saline!