Getting the trade you want? and Help?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by KiaranOleary, Sep 2, 2010.

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  1. I want to go in as a CSE in the R sigs, as junior entry

    Is it easy to get this job providing that I will have better GCSE's needed for the job, and a good enough score on the barb test and the TST and do well in the interview. If I get a good score on these am I most likely to get the job.

    Also If I don't, Any good advice on what else to do in he sigs, I like the idea of promotion after phase 2 and CSE seems good to me. I was considering Comms OP for second choice but half the regiment are full of OPs and from what i've heard i'll be doing the crappy jobs. So any help on second job choice appreciated?

    Also, I like the sound of Electronic warfare systems op. I cant enter as a 16 year old so is it possible just to retrade after ATFC or just go in atfc the same age but doing EWSO?

    Thanks :)
  2. If you have the required GCSEs, TST and GTI then you should have no problems. You must be prepared to wait though if you are set on Comm Sys Engr as vacancies are filling up swiftly with bouyant recruiting at the moment.

    EW Sys Op also attracts promotion after Phase 2 and is pitched around the same academic level, but you are correct in stating that you are precluded from this as Junior Entry due to you being unable to get the required clearance until you are 18. This doesn't mean you can't change trade later though and the Comm Sys Op is a good launchpad from which to do this.

    I wouldn't be so eager to dismiss the Comm Sys Ops as doing all the crappy jobs either. They represent nearly half of the Corps' soldiers and are doing the business at the sharp end in a variety of roles.

    Final point, you will meet a chap called the Senior Personnel Selection Officer during Phase 1 who will give you chapter and verse on all of the above.

    Good luck.
  3. Thanks mate, well I got a year until im applying after my GCSEs so things might be different, but the army is definitely what I will be getting in to.
  4. Star the application as soon as you reach 15:7 and work on your exams and fitness, the earlier you get through ADSC the better your chanc for next september
  5. Well My 16th Birthday is in March, I could start my application then but i'm not sure if I can because I get my GCSE results In August, and I need GCSE's which I know i'll get for definite to be a CSE.
    I went to the careers office and he wasn't much help I was in and out in 2 minutes most likely because im 15.
    So Could I apply when I turn 16 even though I need GCSE's?
  6. Simple ;apply in the FEB HALF TERM the ACIO will work initially on your predicted grades,but it does still depend on the actual grades in AUGUST,as a junior entry you will go to Winchester not Harrogate as Royla signals.
  7. As PWR says we want you in the office as soon as your 15:7 to start the application and also hopefully get a lot of things done prior to your exams. We send out a school reference where they will confirm your predicted grades so we can run with your job choices of what your predicted till you get your results in August 2011. You really need to start your application in November so go bck into your ACIO for a chat next month.
  8. As I said I went in a month ago and he simply sent me away after about a minute sitting in the waiting room. Whats going to make the difference if I go to the careers office in November? He said i'm too young to apply for junior entry, whats going to stop him from saying that this time?
  9. Ok please read through my post again Kiaran, Im trying to advise what age will you be in November ??? and what age did I say you can start your application???

    As said my advice would be to go into the ACIO again in November once your 15:7 and start the ball rolling as soon as possible...........the main reason is you need to try and get most things done prior to your exams. This year lots of JE who wanted trades left it too late and places at Winchester had gone.....all Im doing is offering you the advice I do all my potential JE.
  10. Ok cheers, i'll go in next month with my predicted grades sheet. Thankyou for your advice :)