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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by jimuk80, Jan 26, 2008.

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  1. Hope this is the right place and someone can help.
    I want to join the Engineers and wanted my trade to be Electrician, the reason i wanted this is because i did an apprentiship in it years ago and am qualified to NVQ level 2, i didnt complete it to level 3 but thats another story. I've also done loads of work in the meantime mostly weekends and evenings so im good on the tools and know what im doing.
    I went for my BARB test yesterday and scored 65 which im told is quite good, i also scored high on the numeracy and literacy test.
    The kicker is that i p1ssed around a lot at school (over 10 years ago) and so my GCSE results are sh1t. As a result ive been told that i wont be able to apply for the Electrician trade even though ive got experience and qualifications in the job.
    Does this sound right and is there anything i can do??
  2. what gcse's did you get>?
  3. Maths E
    History F
    English F
    Science D D
  4. they say you need a C in maths and english and another in science or a technical subject, if you are that serious about it you could do a gcse course at college in those subjects and try to obtain those grades, then you'll be laughing
  5. Ive been offered C3 systems which seems quite good so if it comes to it i'll go down that road. it just seems a shame i wont be able to use any of my experience when i get in.
  6. yeah my brother was the same, he left school with one gcse but he's done an apprentiship as an electrician and now he' son more than i am and i was the intelligent one
  7. I was also thinking about being a sparky, But I got Maths C, Science C and English D. Anyone know if that would affect me from being a sparky? If it would then I'd probably go for carpenter.
  8. I would have thought you'll be ok. Although it seems that they enter your details into a computer (BARB test and grades) and it throws out a list of options open to you (i could be wrong on this though). If it does it might be a case of "computer says no"
  9. Also, ive just sent off my medical form. Does anyone know if being allergic to Penicillin could stop me?
  10. When I joined (mind you this was back in 85) I didnt have a clue what I wanted to do. They obviously had to fill sparky spots and my test results were high enough so they put me down for that, even though i didnt have maths, physics, english and all that other bullcrap.

    They put me through with some other fella who was going in the same time as me, he was o levelled up to the hilt and the interviewing Major said i should get to know him as he could help me.

    Funnily enough, he didnt make it through basic and I passed my sparky course. Just goes to show quals mean feck all.
  11. It just seems funny i cant do a trade ive been working in for years. Do you know when the latest is i have to confirm my trade and is there anyone else i can speak to as i go through the process to try to get it changed?
    Its more important to me to get in than to get exactly the trade i want, but as an Electrician ive got experience i could bring to the role.
  12. Im out of touch with all that kind of info mate, but there are a few lads who are sparky's and still serving who frequent this site. They've been a bit quiet lately so they must be busy but as soon as they're back Im sure they'll sort you out with what you need to know.
  13. Cheers mate i'll keep an eye on it. I've been doing a bit of digging online as well and everywhere i look it says that an NVQ at level 2 is equivalent to 5 GCSEs grade A - C or 1 A level, also phoned the helpline as well and they said the same. I'm going to put in a call to the recruiter on Monday, i think he might have may have got his wires crossed because when i mentioned sparking he thought i wanted to join REME which is different isnt it?
  14. REME sparks are very different I recently left a unit with 3 REME leccys who were no use at all (I was the RE sparky in a REME workshop and ended up doing their jobs as well as my own)

    I was told I did not have the req test score to be a sparky but stuck to my guns and passed

    On my class 2 course (G&G 236 part 1 and 2) I had a civ qualified sparky (equivalent grade to class 1) who had to do 4 weeks with us to learn the specific military part of the sylabus. He had to do the full Class 1 though (G&G 236 part C) with us though 4 years later.

    This was along time ago though (Class 1 in 92)

    Due to a lack of tradepeople at times you will be probably be steered to fill the vacant trades I would stick to my guns and go for sparky (C3S not all its cracked up to be radio stags all the time)

  15. The sparks in all the Corps (RE , REME, & Sigs) are all different.

    I think the main difference is thet the RE and R Sigs deal in 3 Phase power.

    I know the RE lads so a lot of Building work, so lots of single phase housing type stuff.

    A bit of topic but agree, stick to your guns, and get what you want.