Getting the Promotion shaft?!!

Hey guy's,

I'm a TA officer, commisioned in May 2004. I've told every man and his dog that I have a degree. But my APC have said that because they were not aware of me having a degree in my first probationary year, I would have to serve 2 probationary years as a 2nd Lt. Why? Surely its just a paper work pain in the ass for someone. I'm missing out on a wedge of cash because of this ... is it just me or am I getting the shaft here?!!

Just finished my 2nd probatioanry year now ... and I'm still a 2nd Lt too!! 26 months since commisioning!!

Not happy. They ask me to help the retention issue and spend the rest of their time pissing me off too!!

Anyone got any advice?

Have you tried holding your breath and stamping your feet until someone takes notice?
26 months is a long old time, even without the degree. What does your Chain of Command have to say about the issue? I'm sure there's a harrassed desk officer at Glasgow your Adjt/OC could give a tinkle to sort this out in double quick time.
Think it may be getting sorted - (should that be maybe?)!! - spoke to my PSAO who will speak to the Adj and CO etc - but we're just about to leave for a sunny sandy climate so I ain't holding my breath!!! At least I'm getting paid!! One way to look at it!!!

Have heard of this happening before. Sounds like someone can't be bothered to fill out the paperwork. It is my belief that with a switched on PSAO and Admin officer not only should you get promoted (after possibly sending a copy of your degree scroll to necessary admin types at fraggle rock) but you may also be entitled to back pay to the time that you should have been promoted!!!!!

Make sure you get the wheels greased so that when you are mobilised you do so with substantive rank of full Lt, if you have indeed ticked all the boxes, as your pay can be significantly different. When I was mobilised the pay bands and caps on pay (to try and match your civvy pay) were different for the rank you were at. For example if i remember correctly a full Lt was capped at around £35,000 and if you earned more than that in civvy street you could put in an application for hardship allowance(i think), A 2Lt capped amount was less and if i hadn't been a substantive Lt when i mobilsed i would have had to put in for a hardship allowance to try and redress the balance so i could pay for my outgoings as my civvy salary allowed for. As a substantive Lt I didn't have to do that.

Another tip is make sure Chilwell pay clerks get the correct tax code for you. Thanks to them i owe the taxman £1500!!!!

You definitely need to stamp your feet much harder.

Hope this helps and good luck
Thanks Hescohead...

managed to get everything sorted now. Except they are only backdating to last May (end of my second year).
Think I'm gona ask for the previous year - it's not as if I'm trying to chance my hand!! It is money and rank I was entitled to as a result of my
university education(or lack thereof!! I passed anyway!!) !!

What sort of salary were you on whilst deployed as an Lt? Any idea if after they match your civilian pay, they then pay all allowances on top eg. lssa etc.?

Does your Adjutant have the nickname of 'Dusty' ?
No idea mucker .... could be, only met him once ..
jockistani said:
No idea mucker .... could be, only met him once ..
There you go then. Perhaps to him you are just a name on a piece of paper. He is more likely to look after you if he can put a name to a face...
jockistani said:
No idea mucker .... could be, only met him once ..
I'm curious now - how come you've only met the Adjt once?

I know within the TA, it's common to go for months without seeing the people at RHQ, but the CO's inspections should see the Adjt tagging along, there are weekends etc, as well as the odd social event.

So why have you only met yours once?

Why weren't you pushing your promotion with the Adjt?
Not too easy to put a face to a name when you live 300 miles away on an island. My work does not afford me too many jollys to HQ either.
What can I do? I'm sure I'll meet him properly at some point. I have met the CO and Training Major on exercise.

The problem is I can't just drop in and say hello. HQ coy and even just mainland junior officers would not be put in this position. It is because of my location.

Even when selected for officer training in Aug 2003 my CO asked me if I had the neccesary qualifications. They have known for years but it was never recorded on my paperwork. My PSAO tried to push for my promotion for a long time. Paperwork was sent and "lost" in the HQ blackhole as per SOP's. Then reasons for not promoting me were quoted - mostly involving he hasn't done blah course. I knew the answers were bullshit. I didn't need to have done MTQ2 - an OTC qualification - It was not a pre-requisite for promotion that I had passed PCBC at Brecon - which I passed 3 months later anyway.

I feel like I'm trying to rob the money out of someones back pocket. Not happy about it.
This seems to be a fairly common problem. In my ex-battalion we had half a dozen 2Lts, none of whom had their 2nd pip 2 years after commissioning. The only 2nd pip handed out was to a 2Lt literally on mobilisation for TELIC 6.

Now, personally I think people are making Captain too quickly (3-4 years), but the lack of full Lieutenancies is a little silly. They (my ex-Bn) have some 3rd year 2Lts kicking around.

However, in part I can understand this. We're not progessing as we should, for the simple reason that there is very little training going on. It was 15 months after commissioning I first commanded troops in the field (PCBC excepted), due to the fact that Bn weekends would field maybe a Pl, but all the subbies probably made it. I can remember a weekend with 8 Troops from the Coy, but 2 Subalterns who had to argue about who'd be section commander....

The upshot, as I say, subalterns aren't getting the experience they should, and probably aren't ready for promotion. However, the way things are going it will take an age (or an Op) to accumulate the experience needed. YOs going on Ops in my old Bn tended to acquire quicker promotion, seemingly as a pat on the back.

My opinion if thus that more emphasis needs to made to train YOs. A proper 2Lt-Lt course would take the vagueries of Regimental politics out of the equation for example....
jockistani said:
Not too easy to put a face to a name when you live 300 miles away on an island. My work does not afford me too many jollys to HQ either.
What can I do?

Get your OC to suggest to the Adjt that he doesn't visit the Sqns enough (assuming you're a regular attendee). The gap between TA and Regular in terms of looking after Junior Officers' careers is closing, and the Adjt should be interested in you all. If one of my OC's had suggested I didn't visit the Sqns enough when I was a TA Adjt, I would have been a little :oops:

Even better, get your OC to invite the Adjt down to interview the YO's. If he hasn't visited in a month, I'd be amazed....
Sapukay ... I more than agree. My PSAO was talking about courses for getting me promoted to Captain even before I got the 2nd pip!!

I'm like most I think. I'm interested in the cash I'm entitled to given my education. I want to gain experience and remain as a Pl Cmd for a while yet - I'm not into being a 2ic with no idea!! Experience is a problem in the TA. We are always but always top heavy. I sometimes have Sgts as Jocks in the section. I'm leading a Platoon with 12 Sgts, 8 Cpls, 6 2 Lts and 4 jocks! Plus three Coy commanders and a full HQ element to lead my under strength Platoon!! Mad.

Compus_mentus - thanks for that ... not a bad idea mate.

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