Getting the NHS back in shape

I came across this website while browsing and I found it eminently sensible. The problem is that no-one in the UK gobment is even slightly interested in doing anything for the NHS as long as their slimy friends are making lots of money.

Go to "Health" and click on "How To Cure The NHS In One Day".

Is this man really a medic? Smacks of bullshit to me. No Doctor would sign anything that forced them to work 365 days a year without cover (because, in Vernon's model, even if the GP in question arranged a substitute, he would still be responsible for the patient)>..

That's just the first point. His arguments are theoretical crap. They'd never work in the real world because no sane clinician would agree to them.
actually they would and i have no doubt have, the local practice being just that i remember even as a child and i'm not that old if your gp was not availble for call out, it would be the duty gp from your local surgery not the some agency guy on a small fortune just to check your tonsils.

and as for the theoretical crap i assume you are going on about the huge reduction of administrative manning. I believe it was yale university did a study on the administration of the british empire and concluded that briton run the indian sub continent with less people than it took to run their canteen. Realistically if you have a small number of people making decisions and taking responsibility for those decisions then it is obvious that any system of administration will be far more efficient
I have had two really bad hernias(my own fault for working too hard!),both were sorted out about 3 days after going to the hospital´s Emergency area,and asking a Doc to take a look.

Met a Swede whose still waiting for his hernia op after 4 YEARS.

In Garmisch we have a large Hospital that fixes hernias and hips on a method akin to a Ford assemby line,with the idea that the quicker you´re fixed,the quicker you can go back to paying your taxes and health insurance.

Utopia?Makes sense to me!

At the moment Germany´s Doctors are threatening to go on strike for a 30% payrise,but maybe they deserve it.
My partner had our daughter in an NHS Hospital in our area. Fantastic staff, Would never go private. The NHS are slowly getting there, lets not knock them all the time.
india-juliet said:
My partner had our daughter in an NHS Hospital in our area. Fantastic staff, Would never go private. The NHS are slowly getting there, lets not knock them all the time.
Nobody's knocking the front-line staff of the NHS, india-juliet. They, as you say, do a fantastic job under very difficult conditions.

It's all these useless tossers with degrees in 2nd Century Egyptian Needlework, who get drafted into the NHS as "Toenail Length Co-ordinators" or some such nonsense on 50 grand a year by their "chums" on the various boards and who are the biggest problem.

I think this Vernon Coleman geezer has some very valid points to make. It should be up to the population of the UK to decide what sort of NHS they want, but nobody ever asks them.

This Coleman chap has a couple of good ideas but most are bullshit and his memory is highly selective. I have 17 years experience in the NHS and would agree that the NHS sometimes lacks leadership. I've worked for some very very good ward sisters, consultants and managers but some of them could not lead sheep to a market. Colemans selective memory gets the better of him when he states he would have "GPs brought back into the NHS". GPs have never been part of the NHS, they are effectively independent contractors, they have no direct individual NHS contract. Why is this? Its because thats what GPs wanted all those years ago when Bevin set up the NHS in the face of resistance from many doctors. That said I think he's right, GPs should be directly employed by the NHS, after all thats were their surgeries (ie private businesses) make most of their money from. As for making all GPs responsible for their own patients 24 hours per day, 365 days per year he seems to forget that the new out of hours GP contracts were brought in not by administrators trying to save money but because fewer and fewer GPs were actually willing to provide this type of (hugely demanding) service. I've made use of this service on about 5-6 occassions in the past few years for my young family it was the dogs bollocks.
"Hire central buyers for all NHS purchases" he says, well the NHS have been doing that for years, its an organisation called NHS Logistics, they have (and use) their purchasing power to get the best possible deal on everything from soap to urinary catheters (but GPs cannot make use of it because they are not part of the NHS).
According to his biography Veron Coleman is a "member of the Ancient Royal Order of Physicians dedicated to His Majesty King Buddhadasa" and "was awarded the Yellow Emperor's Certificate of Excellence". I'm clearly way behind him on the qualifications front, I'm still struggling at night school towards my "Purple Headed Bed Snake's Certificate of One Handed Self Indulgence"
Has the practice of foreigners coming over for free medical treatment been stopped,or are ´oil sheiks´still coming for their yearly ´MOT`at the expense of the NHS?

If so, then stop complaining that the NHS doesn´t work,with such blatant abuse it can´t.................the Swiss are known to accompany patients in their wheelchairs to the ´hole in the wall´.
I definitely agree with his point about the NHS and private being completely separate. Doesn't seem right that NHS hospitals are being used by private patients. If people want to go private, fine, but there should be separate private hospitals paid for by the likes of BUPA. Though I expect if the surgeons/consultants were forced to choose between private or NHS work, the majority would probably choose private.

And the NHS should definitely make any foreigners who come here for treatment pay up.

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