Getting the finger

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Outstanding, Jun 15, 2010.

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  1. So, my friend told me that whilst making the besat with two backs the other evening, his missus, thrust a finger up his jacksey as he was nearing his vinegar strokes. the result was an immediate and spontaneous download of jism - and what he called the best one of his life.

    Is this truly possible? Does it hurt and why is it so dramtically successful??
  2. Is he sure it was his missus?
  3. well his "missus" often varies, it could have been yours?
  4. Behave Jarrod :police: :D
  5. Highly unlikely, she's been dead three years :D
  6. Never stopped her before :D
  7. It's all about the prostate, you sexually repressed fucktard.

    I have been nudging mine for years in the masturbatory position know as 'abseiling'; i.e one thumb up your arse, the the other fapping away on your giggle stick. Sometimes I do it wearing an S10 and dressed in black. I may have not been the first on the balcony, but I was the only man on the team to kill a terrorist with a double tap of man fat to the head.

    Feel free to pop round my gaff anytime and stimulate my bingo button with your head dobber. Oh, yeah and before you ask it does make your 'friend' gay. Shagging girls is for poofs anyway.
  8. Just tryied that thumb thing and nearly got it stuck - you must be jokin!!
  9. You mean I'm meant to use my own thumb? A bit sh1t that!
  10. You tried it that quickly? I hope you don't work in an open plan office.

    Seeing as you are that suggestable and the thumb didn't work; try getting a set of pliers and snapping the teeth off an otter. Then lube the whiskery cnut up and slip him up your jacksy. It's not animal cruelty if you give him a cheeky little blowy afterwards and then have a cuddle.
  11. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    So, just so we understand each other . . . . . . . I shouldn't be using a coke bottle?!?
  12. I do and i nearly got caught as I fell off my chair and only just got my trouser up before my necky neighbour looked over!! I think that other suggestion is a wind up!!
  13. Make sure it has a top on it like this :x :D

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  14. Nah mate, pukka gen. Why do you think Terry Nutkin keep messing around with otters even after he lost his thumbs?
  15. Well I don't even know where to get one, don't they bite?