Getting the best out of my gaming PC

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by walt_of_the_walts, Jan 18, 2011.

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  1. I am beginning to think that my system is not set up to optomise frame rate and loading times. I am hoping to achieve silky smooth 70fps for MS Flight Simulator X. Currently Its a bit juddery at times. I've got an i7 processor and 6GB DDR RAM, running Win7 Home Premium

    Currently I have 1.32TB of storage on my PC, divided up between :-

    C: Packard Bell, 500GB. OS and all my MS Office and games and flight sim software loaded on it

    D: DATA, currently empty

    and E:, a 320GB drive removed from a broken laptop and USB'd to the PC.

    Should I put my OS and all the MS Office, Internet browser software on C: ?

    All my gaming software on D: ?

    And all my backups on E: and remove it after backup.

    I believe doing this will also limit viruses to infecting only the C' drive?, but will it cause problems if I want to play online (currently only Rise of Flight requires an online connection, but will work, not very well, without one)

    Should I also set up a separate login on startup just for gaming? Will that speed things up?

    I read something in PC Pilot mag recently that suggested the above was a good idea, but was very vague on how to do it. I don't want to **** it up and then spend ages repairing it.

    Any ideas? Any examples of an optimum setup?


    [also posted on Hardware forum]
  2. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    A decent PC you have there, Mine is very similar and runs quite well. I suspect you have a whole pile of shit running in the background. There is a great program called enditall II which is no longer available for free. Although try here End-It-All 2 - tool quickly and easily closes all or selected running programs.

    Run that before starting any resource hungry program and you should be alright.
  3. Well, a few things:

    If your Windows 7 Home Premium is not x64 bit, it will only utilise some 3.5GB of the 6GB RAM you have in your PC. Your graphics card will affect how well the game plays too, as will the settings you use (high, medium, low etc). Using a lower resolution but higher graphics options usually ups my frame rate and doesn't affect the visuals too much. What card have you got?

    Install your games on C:, it won't make a huge difference. Make sure nothing else is running when you start the game up.

    Click Start > type 'run' in the search bar at the bottom > click 'run' when it appears > type msconfig and press Enter. Click on the 'Startup' tab, and untick everything in that list (except your anti-virus if you spot it), and click okay or apply, can't remember which you have off the top of my head. Restart the PC. This will ensure you haven't got any shit loading on startup, give you full RAM usage.

    Go into control panel and hunt down the display options for the PC, switch Windows 7 to 'classic' mode so it uses less RAM. Won't make a huge difference, but better than nothing. Other than that, not a lot you can do!

    Happy gaming. :)
  4. Buy yourseld a cheap SSD drive for use as your boot drive and the rest of program installations and file storage
  5. If your Motherboard supports SATA 3, then get yourself a SATA 3 HD, it will give you a transfer rate of up to 6GB a sec.......

    However as mentioned above, you don't list a graphics card. That might be where your system stutters if its not up to the task
  6. Check your GFX settings, may be that your choosing quality over performance, I have a GTX 275 and I choose a balanced setting because although its still a decent card lets be honest, some games can still beast that when I want resolutions upwards of 1280 and 70+ fps
  7. My gfx card is a ATI Radeon HD 5570 1024MB.

    Its a desktop 64bit machine.

    My monitor is running 1920x1080, its max setting.

    Antialiasing and anisotropic filtering are things I can switch on, or probably have already, but I didn't notice the difference.

    Keep it coming guys. There's clearly a lot of practical knowledge here. (I got next to **** all from Curry's, where I bought the machine, Q'elle surprise...)
  8. May sound like a stupid question, but how do I check this? I don't know much about computers. I only got into them last year after finding some spare cash.
  9. Just done that. It listed about a dozen programs, none of which are particularly heavy on processing AFAIK, so I turned off all but the Kaspersky AV. Slight improvement, but still not slick as it could be.

    I am also running Track IR5 with all my flight sims, but I don't think that eats up resources much.

    Could it be a mediocre gfx card then?
  10. Restarted again. Ramped every slider to the max. Definitely slicker now, although still not quite what I've seen on some other PCs.
  11. It will tell you what manufacturer branded hard drives you have installed in the Device Manager :)

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  12. I did google your card, there is ONE card I can recommend if your counting your pennies, an Nvidia 7950 GX2, its one of the fastest dx9 cards from the Gefore 7 series, can still deliver a serious kicking, and is quad sli capable as its basically 2 GPUs whacked into one graphics card, and since its a rather old piece of kit you can pick one up on ebay for under £60 if you look right
  13. I definately think your graphics card is one of the significant limiting factors in your setup. The 5570 is toward the lower end of the ATI card now.

    Bare in mind though, that a reasonable graphics card upgrade may well require a power supply upgrade aswell. The majority of 'pre built' systems only have a power supply that is sufficient to run the components it is shipped with, an graphics upgrade will almost always require more power.
  14. Couldn't have put it better myself, if yous want some trade prices on components gimme a shout I have a trade account with spire from when I used to built systems
  15. Have you looked at your windows score yet? It should tell you where the weakest point is on your setup. I'll bet it’s the HDD, which looking at your setup seems to be the weakest area.

    As a propeller head myself, as my son so lovingly calls me, I have been tweaking my systems for the last few years since FSX hit the shops. You will find that graphics cards make little improvement on your FPS for this particular programme as it is written to take advantage of processor power. You are almost there with an i7 and 6gb ram. Look at getting a fast HDD, probably smaller than the one you have which will be the cheapest unit curry's could find to throw into the box.
    One of the fastest on the market, not solid state which is a whole new world of speed, is the WD raptor series.
    I have two 500gb of these set in raid 0 which means it writes marginally faster than a single drive. So before you splash out on a bottom end graphics card, try and get the fastest HDD you can afford.