Getting sports kit on tinterweb!

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by flowers, Sep 18, 2006.

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  1. Afternoon all

    Just a quickie to ask if any of you have recommendations for good websites that offer decent sports kit at reasonable price.

    I'm sure some of you other arrsers would find it handy to have some recommendations - so if any of you have ordered online please let me know who The Good, The Bad and The Ugly are.

    Thanks guys
  2. But isn't it all in French?

    On a serious note I can recommend it's not a flashy website but the service is top notch with things being delivered the next day.
  3. These are good for cycling, running and swimming:

    I've bought a few bits, never any probs.
  4. Along the same lines.................
    I am looking for Companies that will supply a full range of rugby gear for a tour early in 2007.
  5. Have used them they are good
    Also are good and cheap
  6. Anyone got any ideas re Association Football..?

    Some tw*t "lost" our sunday league teams kit bag (including the strip, bought off of Swindon Legend Don Rogers in a cash deal!)

    So now we need the whole lot again, shirts shorts socks etc.

    Any heroes/villans?
  7. Thanks for the links but I am looking for the type of Company that does bespoke kits, polo shirts with sponsors logos, embroidered club badges etc....