Getting some banter going FFS

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Achmed, Aug 9, 2008.

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  1. Fcuk me the NAAFI is getting like Derby & Joan on a tea dance afternoon, lets get some "bollox" going.

    Anyone can Play just Insult the previous poster :wink:
  2. Fcuk off! If thats your missus on your Av she looks like the Chav version of Dawn French!

  3. Fuck off you tube, I hope you find a tumour in the morning.
  4. Unlike yours who is 20 stone heavier, she's a j!zz rag for 3 cdo bde, throbber!!
  5. No... So fcuk off!
  6. Bollox to the lot of you. Mongs!
  7. I shat one out this looked like your missus!!!
  8. You taste like p1ss. Even with coke!

  9. Before or after I caved her skull in with a sledge hammer?
  10. You will you blue hat wearing fairy...

    This is great!
  11. She tell's me she beat's you up....and she's got no arm's :?

  12. The arm removal was an improvement I installed a few years ago, it prevented her fighting back when I beat her in my drunken state.
  13. She tells me that you had a c0ck you are up to 2 inches errect

  14. It seems to be just us two.

    Wanna get a room?
  15. Why? Just because a no-nothing gobshite like you says so? Get a job.