Getting some banter going FFS - Part II

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by k13eod, Aug 10, 2008.

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  1. As it's Sunday I think that we should return the NAAFI to the more polite ambience akin to a Derby & Joan Club.

    Anyone can play; just offer pleasantries to the previous poster ...

    ... after you old chap :wink:
  2. Fuck off peg leg :D
  3. I say, thats sounds absolutely spiffing old boy.
  4. one thinks exbluejobs' avater is simply splendid, old horse!!
    ...more 'the mutts nuts', than the 'cats arrse'!

    'H'...the 'frightfully pleasant' Engineer chappie
  5. I say, not a bad turn out ol chap.....I hope this doesnt get Arsseholed.........more crumpet anyone!
  6. Most kind of you old chap for reminding one to strap the old wooden peg on before arising from ones chair. Bravo Sir, tea?
  7. surely we can't have men dancing with each other!! that cant be allowed...Cake
  8. well, MORRIS Men dance together, God bless their little bells and tassles!
    (yes please, milk and Two!)
  9. Oh how spiffing!
    Can we now discuss servicing my Morris 1000,and the correct way of wearing cravats?
  10. Morris 1000? Cravats? Splendid!

    Anyone for cricket?

  11. That sounds a rather good idea, we will get the women to make tea...scones anyone!!
  12. CRICKET!!! how uncivilised, old horse!!

    Was one brought up, OR dragged up?

    Croquet, dear boy, now THAT's a Gentlemans persuit!
  13. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Are you addressing me sir, or perchance masticating upon a house brick? Because one rather tends to find that one loses ones teeth both ways up, my good man.
  14. well, good sir, if the stipet straw boater fits........
  15. Straw boaters are for the river, dear boy, now a good Panama and a stripy deck chair by the pavilion then we're getting some where.

    Sherry before lunch anyone?