Getting so called sponsership for the AAC

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by ozmas12, May 14, 2008.

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  1. Basically, i want to be an AAC pilot officer but after reading many army booklets, i found that after term2 of training as an officer you go round looking for a corps or watever to sponser you to join them. The booklet says you pick your favourite 2 areas to join and then 1 of them might pick you.

    I want to be pilot and if i didnt get into the AAC then it would be like joing the army for the wrong reasons ending up in some/wrong other corps. I read that to have more chances of getting into the area i want, i should somehow get in contact with them so they get to know me.

    How would i do this and am i right about the above? Also, does anyone know the actual probabilities of getting into the AAC?

  2. I'm afraid that you've absolutely zero chance of joining the two-winged master race, primarily because your spelling and grammar is so poor that you come across as a bit of a chav.

    But that you should have to resort to asking such questions on a public forum where you are guaranteed to leave yourself open to ridicule and derision leaves me in fear for the future of my Corps.

    Join the RLC.
  3. Really helpful, cheers! im glad to have you on this website, what would the world do without you? I reckon it would just continue life as normal....
  4. The thicky said elsewhere.......

    Buy a flight sim for your PC, thats the closest you'll ever get to being a pilot.
  5. Lol, 2 minutes on the site and you're gobbing off, plus you arn't even in yet.

    I reckon you're an ex-Cadet mong who reads recruiting booklets on the toilet.
  6. Jesus, what is this? Am i gonna get any advice or sly comments?
  7. Drop the attitude you little -twat-

    The tone you have set by your subject line 'Getting so called sponsership for the AAC' indicates you dont approve of this established system of selecting a cap badge to aspire to join.

    Look at the system without passing judgement on things you dont know about, open your eyes and ask sensible questions without an attitude, remember you want to join us, not the other way round, you are the lowest of the low.

    Fair enough, this is the internet, but the vast majority of serious posters on here are serving soldiers of all ranks or retired soldiers with huge experience that you can gain masses from, but not if you alienate them from the begining.

    Crow should be seen and not heard

  8. Okay, you want some advice? Firstly, have you enquired at the Careers Office? They get paid to give out advice to the aspirant soldier. This is an internet-based community, as has already been mentioned. You joined on the 14th, and I'm assuming you leapt straight in without getting an idea about what Arrse is all about. Since you posted your question without any preamble we're entitled to have an opinion about you which may or indeed may not be close to reality.

    I stand by my reply to you; you have very little chance of making it into the AAC as a pilot. Your poorly composed question displays a distinct lack of the conventions of correctly composed English. Before you can contemplate becoming a Officer pilot, if that's your proposed career-path, you're going to become an Officer in the British Army. Despite outward appearances to the contrary, there are certain standards that you must meet, and on the impression you've given us, you're not of the required standard.

    But that's just my personal opinion, based on 18 years service in the AAC, from groundcrewman to Aircraft Commander. If the standards have slipped in the years since I moved on, I'd be surprised.
  9. What he said. I knew the thread would turn out like this just by reading the title. All the posters so far on this thread have a proven record of writing helpful replies to open, honest questions. By putting arrogance, ignorance and assumption into your post you've doomed yourself, and allowed others to detect that your chances of Officer are slim, let alone pilot.

    Poke off and come back as someone else without the attitude.
  10. I wished that the selection of AAC was more challenging...that way, Golf One One would have been thrown on the 'Chav, GINGER pile'. However, the above comments are fair.....THICKY!
  11. Chav? hardly old boy

    And its not ginger, its dirty blonde (emphasis on the Dirty, right girls? 8) )
  12. It looks ginger, and you could do with a wash most of the time.....
  13. And pigs?
  14. I've been following this website for a while and have got lots of advice off it. I never thourght id get so much unnecesary talk from longtimers of it about where i sit in the ranks of aarse. But wat i am looking for is the answers of my questions. No need to pass judgement on me from a simple forum question because thats just in my opinion stupid. My english btw is great, got an Aand B in GCSE for it and now studying A levels... JOY.

    So am i right in thinking that if i don't get a position in AAC which i think you guys said is RARE, then i get put somewhere else? One more quick question is... i had an inhaler prescribed to me 2-3 years ago and i know that for army you need 4years clearance but RAF told me that i have no future with them as aircrew ever, is it technically the same for AAC seeing the medical is done in some RAF base?
  15. Your English is great?...check your dumb-arrse spelling, chav boy! (it's capital 'I' when it's on it's own) mister A and B grade!