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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by SCoy, Feb 24, 2006.

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  1. Not a wah honest...

    Not being a chiselled-granite squaddie, merely a slacking OTC bod, it was with interest that I heard our OC address the company with instructions become 'more robust', I sh!t you not. Now, lil' ol civvie me thought he ment 'get fitter you lazy students', but apparently we are all 'fit' enough, it was the problems with tabbing on feet and bergans rubbing etc that he was on about. (I assume since I wasnt on the last camp).

    So my question is, any top tips on becoming 'robuster'? I've heard of the soaking the feet thing, and I was considering running with a bergan/daysack to get my back used to it, but according to other threads this is a 'bad thing'.

    You lot know any better?
  2. Running with a bergan full of white spirit, and then bathing in it at the end of the tab should make you more robust, or perhaps, a bite from some sort of atomic spider. Dont laugh, ot happens, I saw a documentary on it, spiderman or something.
  3. Asked for that didnt I? :D

    Meh, I know it is a bit bone (understatement of the year) but I was hoping for some genuine responses :?
  4. What is bergan rubbing ? it like brass rubbing only tactical. Bring back KF shirts and large packs that will make you very robust
  5. Theres no quick fix for this, you cant go from being a soft-skinned dweller in centrally heated comfort, to a rufty-tufty outdoorsman overnight.
    You've gotta get in amongst it, spend your spare time out on the hills, get cold, wet, sunburnt, windburnt, get blisters, sores and callouses, get lumps, bumps, bites and bruises. Go hungry, go thirsty, go commando! :wink: And then one day, when you're out on some godforsaken hillside, staring down a force eight gale, soaked to the skin, carrying 95lb on your back and looking forward to ANOTHER 24hrs without sleep or hot food, and you're enjoying it!!!! 8O you will know that you are "robust" :D
  6. We used to have a couple of Scaffolders in the Unit, they were what I would call robust, windswept fit as anything never needed more than a tee shirt in January on the Plain.

    As sandmanfez says, get outdoors, get rough, get robust then get knackered knees and joints by the time you are 40! :wink:
  7. Stop fecking sqealing and get on with it,

    Pain and discomfort is pain and discomfort every one feels it

    its only the less Robust that p_ss moan and wimper about it

    This is probably why your boss brought it up

  8. If your feet give out and blister either.

    Your boots aren't broken in so do more walking. Or
    Your feet aren't hard enough - so wear your boots more and do more walking. Or
    Your boots don't fit you - so exchange / buy some new new ones (Brasher Boots are great)

    Might not give you blisters but important for long term comfort (which will stop you pissing and moaning)

    Your insoles are crap - buy some sorbothanes
    Your socks are crap - buy some good thor-lo civvie walking socks.

    If you webbing / Bergan rub you when you tab you need to adjust them so they sit right on your back. Some people swear by the webbing padding thing but I never found they were any better than getting it nice and snug with a bungie. Take a look at where you are wearing your webbing, is it under your tits or on your hips? The lower it is the more likely it is that your bergan will sit on top. If it's too low it rubs on your arrse.

    Load up your bergan and adjust to fit.

    Some rubbing and discomfort around the shoulders is bound to happen but should only really start kicking in after 24hrs.

    As someone on this site said "Don't get a sad on, get a mag on and stag on"

    Look at the Arrsepedia "Hack it" entry
  9. :lol: Good point Whitehorse. I'll be 40 this year, so far, thanks to cod liver oil, my knees are fine, and my back only twinges one day in a hundred, but nothing that a Radox bath doesnt fix. :D
    The key is to eat well, drink lots of water and keep your body strong and flexible. If you do that, it will take all the punishment you can throw at it.
    Oh yeh, take the Ibuprofen before you start to ache!