Getting rid of Wonder-Web residue.

Just about to change unit, and therefore I have removed my old Brigade flashes to be replaced with shiny new ones. The only trouble is that it has left behind half the grey backing of the old badge attached to the Wonder-Web I used to attach it before sewing.

Any ideas how to get rid of this would be greatfully recieved.
Iron on the lowest steam setting, then quickly take the iron off and rip off the residue. Next time don't cheat.
Take the shirts/jackets to stores and get new ones.

Afterall they want you to have the badges on so if they don't like what the result is they should provide-or was that just the RAF's sensible approach? ;)

They want it-they pay for it. It's a big firm.
Pay for new shirt due to deliberately damaging last! :oops:

New invention: needle and thread :wink:

can even be completed by someone else at public expense via QMs.
brown paper or paper towel.

No steam, empty iron, low heat.

Iron away your woes.

Next time get your mum or mrs to sew the badges on properly... or invest in pins or use glue that washes out. Pritt stick or the special sewing glue that washes out.

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